Search for the Hidden Gem (2013 – vol# 2)

Pack some water and a snack. It’s gonne be a long trip.

Joe Walla

“Tierra de Guitarras Grande”
Style (Spanish guitar)

Playing through Joe’s new (currently unreleased) CD I can see how some would argue the prolific song writer, creator of the infamous “Crack Whore” single, has driven straight off the rails, conked his noggin’ pretty good, ridin’ a chopper with a crooked wheel, and is now living the straight and narrow. Being familiar with his back catalogue I’d say there may be a little truth in that but looking a little deeper the diabolically fiendish Joe Walla, the same Joe Walla who wrote “Nasty Girl,” has undertaken a spirit journey and unlocked a deep rooted heavily guarded romantic side and has emerged with a new collection of songs that further cement his excellence with a guitar and song writing ability unmatched by his contemporaries with this new Spanish guitar influenced CD. Devoid of lyrics and the standard Joe Walla sound (no “I Want Your Body” here) Joe masterfully plays the guitar displaying amazing musicianship and creativity. Soaring like a fledgling condor over the cliffs, understandably Joe’s not yet completely graceful and comfortable with this new path, but like the condor, Joe’s never been afraid to take a chance and put himself out there in a new light that’s sure to impress.

Rating 4 (** CD not yet released but look for it on iTunes soon)


“Corporate Dynamite”
Style (Hard Rock)

If the tempo of these songs gets any slower and incongruous I’m gonna be forced to get the snails and turtles from the garden to drag race just to wake up. I get a sense these guys were aiming for something to be played at the Mack Truck / Peterbilt roadhouse jamboree but they’ve completely whiffed and the gas tank is leaking profusely. These songs desperately need an overhaul and a quicker burning fuse. Not really sure why SuperChief included a bonus track but I’m really pissed off that I had to slog through 10 terrible songs to finally get to a decent one at the end. Bonus tracks are great if there’s a proven track record but entirely another thing if all the other songs are unworthy. Work on your writing and produce 10 songs just like the bonus track and we’ve got a CD I’m interested in hearing.

Rating 1 ½ (a sound slightly similar in spots to National Dust)

Cocaine Moustache

“On The Mirror”
Style (Hard Rock)

This is an AWESOME example of a band tripping all over themselves to garner some looks and listens by including a “free” straw with the CD. This marketing angle would have been a hit in the 70’s (the musical cocaine era just ask Steve Tyler and Stevie Nicks) but in 2013 it’s a boomerang that’s more stick and less boomerang. Too bad they didn’t name the band Gas Junky because then they could have given out a gas card with the CD. Or maybe the band name Dirt Devil’s so they could have given everyone a free clog of dirt. I’m really partial to the band name King Cod because of the fish freebie but getting a free cod with everything CD really wrecks the overhead but you will be well remembered for the lingering smell that won’t go away. As for the songs, my mother use to always say – “in one ear out the other” and that mantra applies here. This stuff sounds like a garage band jam sessions with the drummer banging out whatever, the guitarist still figuring out how to play a chord and holding firm to the only chord he does know, the bass player not sure who to follow so he consults his mentors Mr.Budweiser and Mr.Bong , and a singer hollering incoherent out of tune vocalizations.

Rating ½ (ode to the garage band good ol’ days)

By Godbless Thee, Mooseheart

“The Prisoner, PT.1”
Style (Indie)

Squirreled away in the cold and sterile confines of a secluded underground bunker heavily laden with ramen and beans, MAD magazine, 2-ply Russian surplus TP (smooth like sand paper comrade), a short-wave radio tuned to North Korean CSPAN, and not enough zigzag paper to handle the bursting at the seams double sealed ziplock baggie of Purple Kush, the humanoid emerges from the lair filled with desperation and disillusion. His eyes blinded and burning feasting on an apocalyptic wasteland standing erect he wanders. Wafting through the air like burned microwave popcorn the humanoid is drawn to the dilapidated remnants of a Drive-In and metal grind of a chainsaw. On a loop “2001: A Space Odyssey” monkey scene dissolves into Mad Max. Maddening is the quietness mixed with utter chaos.

Rating 2 (enjoy the doomsday bunker)