Motion Grove

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Review by Shan Mcfeah

Motion Grove

London ON, based Motion Groves ‘Do the Reggae’ taken from their upcoming debut album is a sonic merger between Bedoin Soundclash and Blind Melon. The bands style is based in Reggae, but clearly shows some influence from ska, and a dash of mainstream pop.

Beginning with a light echo on the lead guitar the song draws you in with a slow, almost acoustic verse. Motion Grove moves swiftly into a bouncy reggae chorus that will have you singing along. The lyrics manage to be fun and light hearted without being too cheesy. They reference “singing in the rain” which I felt gave the track a whimsical quality. I don’t think I’ve heard classic Hollywood images referenced in many Reggae songs.

Vocally, Sean has a clean and pure quality. He maintains an even and enjoyable performance throughout the track. The overall production took place at Emac a studio in their locality. The small town operation produces a more live off the floor feel for the band, and remains organic all the way through with little or no computer effects. The track makes for overall easy listening; it’s an early taste of summer. This song’s instrumentation and production, would be best appreciated by 90’s indie music fans.

Motion Groves album drops in the next month or so, and will be available at shows and internationally via iTunes.