Miss March 2013 – Nicole Elise Cinaglia

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NicoleNicole is a native of Philadelphia who has just recently moved to LA for acting and modeling. She has many independent projects under her belt. With her most recent credit being “Dead TV” an indie horror where she starred opposite names like Eric Roberts, Danielle Harris, and Felissa Rose.

We can find Nicole in a teen drama called “You’ll Know My Name” by Joe Raffa. As well as, “Six Degrees of Hell” a horror film featuring Corey Feldman. Both were bought with distribution by Breaking Glass.

Nicole has a recurring role in “Sadie” the web series where she plays the comic relief as a stuck up coffee shop owner. Other credits include “Alpha Girls” and “Whisper in the Walls.”

While her niche may be in horror, don’t let this scream queen fool you, she has a vast range in different genres and is always hungry for more.

Here in LA, Nicole has won a spot on the CBS’ reality series “Excused” and is featured on an episode of Dr. Phil. She recently joined the ladies of “Hollywood Wops” while also appearing in a recurring role as Gina in “The Mamaluke” where she plays the daughter of a wanna-be mafioso (www.mamaluke-tv.net). Nicole also lended her talents to the cast of “Gritty” written and directed by Creep Creeperson.

Nicole loves acting and will continue to persue her dreams. She greatly appreciates the opportunities and experiences that have come her way. She is truely blessed to have met and worked with so many talented people, and looks forward to much much more. Thank you for visiting!

Find out more about Nicole at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nicole-Elise-Cinaglia-Fan-Page/313358972013326?fref=ts