March’ Over To Hollywood’s Hotel Café’ To See David and Devine

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(Hollywood, Calif.) – Retro-Soul music is currently all the rage, and L.A.-based  David And Devine are riding that wave of music being popularized by high-profile artists including Adele, Cee-Lo Green, Janelle Monae, and Bruno Mars, to name a few. In a world where the old record business is crumbling and hanging on by a thread, the soulful duo consisting of Candace Devine (vocals) and Dave Yaden (piano-vocals) are the new school – having enjoyed radio airplay for their song “Leave The Light On” while being signed to top Hollywood talent agency ICM and working with a well-known L.A. music manager – all without the benefit of a major label deal.
David and Devine
David And Devine continue their weekly residency throughout the month of March every Wednesday night at Hollywood’s popular Hotel Cafe, 1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd., with a 10 p.m. start time. Info: (323) 461-2040 or As we went to press there was also strong talk of bringing the duo back for a Hotel Café’ weekly Wednesday night residency throughout the month of April as well.

All Access Magazine (AAM) had a chance to chat with this delightful duo recently.

AAM: To readers of this interview that are not familiar with David And Devine, how would you describe your music style?

David: Hip, Retro Soul.

Devine: With a splash of “oh my gosh they’re awesome!”

AAM: When and how did you both meet and come together to form David And Devine?
David: A mutual friend of ours suggested to Candace that she write with me for her next album. We both had solo careers at the time.


David:  It’s true, my brother never says stuff like that; who I should work with or know, so I figured if he’s mentioning it, I should probably follow up. Then I heard her sing online and immediately thought “Crap–she’s an amazing singer–why did I have to act like a jerk?–Now I have to call her and be nice” (laughs). We wrote “Leave The Light On” and sang it as a duet for a few people just for fun (the song was intended for Candace to sing solo) after having every one of them hear it and say, ‘you two really sound amazing together,’ we started to suspect we had something.  The first time we sang it live in LA we got offered a record deal as a duo even though I was just sitting in on her set to sing it with her. That’s when we KNEW we had something.  Less than a year later it would be the first song we had on the radio.

AAM: Let’s discuss your month-long March residency at one of L.A.’s most respected showcase venues, Hotel Cafe. How did that happen?
David: For intimate venues in L.A., it’s one of the very best. We played several shows there last year and a lot of them sold out, so they were happy to have us back!

Devine: And the Hotel is one of our favorite venues. I think what makes it such a unique spot compared to the other venues in the .LA. area is that its owners are booking the talent. There is a great sense of care and pride coming from the top and it trickles down to all the folks that work there, and all the artists that grace their stage. As a band, it’s really lovely to feel the respect for our art coming from the boss of the place!

AAM: You’re signed to ICM, one of “The Big 4” talent agencies in Hollywood, which is terrific for you both. How did this come to pass?
David: They saw our 2013 NAMM performance and, much to our joy, signed us on the spot!  That was huge. It’s not every day you get to throw down on stage, then walk down the steps after your set and have someone hand you a card that says ICM and a voice say, “You guys are terrific, let’s work together.”

Devine: Yes, that definitely made the start of our 2013 explosive! We feel very lucky and blessed! All musicians can probably relate to the fact that when you decide to make music your career, you do it because you love it so much that you have to. From there, if you can make a living doing it, it’s a massive amount of icing on the cake. So to have a major agency see us a valuable asset to their company just helps us keep going with faith that this is what we were born to do.

AAM: What’s the story and inspiration behind the lyrics and video concept for your peppy new song, “Saturday Night?”
David: Well, we wanted to write a feel good song that is a tribute to great dance-y songs we’ve grown up listening to.

Devine: Saturday night is sort of our 2013 version of Disco. Soulful music to a dance beat. Even kids today, they may not know who Gloria Gaynor is, but somehow they still know the song “I Will Survive.” It’s catchy and dance-y and anthemic, and it feels good to sing it.

David: Yes! And that’s what we strive for when writing. We always try to create songs that WE would want to either dance or sing to, or ideally both at the same time, haha!. And hopefully, other people will want to do the same.

AAM: We hear a variety of sounds in David And Devine’s music. Who do you both count among your main musical influences?

David: For me, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder…I don’t know if they all come through in our music, but those are artists we definitely strive to emulate.

Devine: I also think bands like the Emotions, El Debarge, and Donna Summer definitely resonate in our writing style. Now if you’re asking on a personal level, for me, I definitely have Carol King, James Taylor, Donny Hathaway, and Judy Garland in my blood.  There is definitely so much heart and soul in their lyrics and melodies.

David: Well if we are talking on a personal note as well, I would also like to chime in and add Billy Joel, Dr. John, and James Brown.

AAM:  In your perfect world, what do you see as the future for David And Devine?

David: Lots of touring. I just want to get out in front of as many people as we can and make them dance!

Devine: Best New Artist at the Grammy’s next year! Also, lots of touring. Dave and I feel just as much, if not more, at home on stage than anywhere else. Like we said earlier, there are some things you’re just born to do and I know that Dave can’t turn his brain off when it comes to music. This man writes songs in the shower, in the car, and in the middle of me talking hahah! There is always a part of him hearing melodies and grooves and lyrics. As for me, just try to get me not to sing. I dare you. I’m always writing melodies in my head and thinking of ways for us to top each show! Showmanship is everything. I don’t ever want people to leave our set feeling anything less than that they have to come back and see us again.

David: Haha! yeah she’s right about that.  Moments when someone comes up to us after show and says, “we saw you guys a couple weeks ago and you slayed–we had to come see it again” or  “I brought some friends with me this time–they had to see how great you guys are”‘ are the biggest rewards for us. We always want whoever sees us to leave feeling the same way. We do our best to give what we would want to see in a show and we love doing it!