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Interview by Geoff Melton

With their strong hooks and vocal harmonies this LA three-piece brings to mind bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Mama’s And The Papas. I recently talked to Jonathan Sheldon about the band, where they have been and where they are going.

All Access Magazine (AAM) MK – I was surprised to recently read that the band is currently taking a hiatus. It seems like the band has a lot of momentum going right now and I was wondering if you could elaborate on that and give me a rundown on what everyone is doing?American Bloomers

JS – Jane and I are going to go forward with the American Bloomers full time. Jaime has goals she wants to meet as a solo artist and a collaborator which we respect, and conversely, we have a vision for American Bloomers that is a big time commitment. We will have the second part of the debut EP “Part One” out later this year that features all three of us, and then Jane and I will have a new full length album early next year under the American Bloomers banner. It would be awesome to work with Jaime on another record down the road, and I think the three of us have made a wise choice to just “let it be” as Jaime pursues her own endeavors, and Jane and I go forward with American Bloomers.

AAM  The first time I listened to the EP it just screamed classic California pop. I’m not trying to pigeonhole you but you feel that’s a fair assessment of your sound?

JS – California pop is exactly right, and that’s what American Bloomers set out to do recording on 2-inch tape and using legendary musicians from the era such as Gary Mallabar (Van Morrison, Steve Miller). We got a great break in meeting and then teaming up with Alan Marino who produced the record with us. He has his own studio, The House of Hun, which is a luxury cruise liner of sonic finery. The guy invested in the project when our financing fell out, and he really made the whole thing sound exceptional.

AAM  I know that all of you have prior experience in the industry, from you in Naked to solo releases from both Jaime and Jane. How do you think think past experience has helped with American Bloomers?

JS – We’ve been able to move fast creatively because we had struck out in the world prior to working together. Naked was actually a bigger band than many people know (we had a top 10 Billboard rock single, and toured for 2 1/2 years solid).

AAM  Since all 3 of you are songwriters how does the songwriting process usually work?

JS – When we got together for the first time, we let the ball be handed around with almost no friction or glad-handing. It was ouiji-board songwriting style between the three of us. But there are also songs which are clearly the stamp of each of us on the debut. With songwriter musicians it’s a great process cause even the textural contributions are melodic and considerate.

AAM  Are there plans in the works for a full length CD?

JS – Yes, American Bloomers will have the second half of “Part One” completed this year. And then a full length new album to come early in 2013. Jane and I are working on it right now!

AAM  You recently won the Tunebreaker competition. Can you tell me more about that?

JS – We submitted with no real plan, and then momentum started to go our way. It is a great competition. It allows artists to upload their music and create their own buzz. I like the CEO, John Toone, I think he has a strong vision for a new way to break artists. He’s refining it now, and taking it to America. Needless to say, we were stoked to be the 2012 Global Winner. Cash and prizes aside, a UK award is just cool to be associated with since the Beatles and Oasis saved the empire’s waning power.

AAM  Can you tell me about your song “Dream On Me” that’s in the PBS special “My Future Baby”? Is it available for download?

JS – Indeed the song will be available, and you can hear it and read about the album here:

AAM  Speaking of “My Future Baby”, you are one of the producer’s of that and have also been a producer on several other films including The Astronaut Farmer. Can you tell me about your involvement in the movie industry?’

JS – Listening to the Steely Dan songs that formed my childhood, they sounded like movies to me: intricate dazzling projectiles, and those Becker/Fagen songs had lyrics that were referencing movie concepts: now we dolly back, now we fade to black. So, when the music business started imploding in 1999 and I started feeling disenchanted with the prospect of making records again, I thought movies would be a great way to keep the Steely dream alive by switching professions. So, I worked my way into independent film working with Mark and Michael Polish on several of their films. I had the good fortune to get in the arena and learn how to kill or be killed with seminal independent filmmakers.

AAM  Do you have any plans for touring outside California?

JS – Absolutely, traveling with a song is the ticket to ride for me.

AAM  What are your plans for 2013?

JS – There will be lot’s of American Bloomers next year. Expect (2) albums. And there will be movies as well. I cannot wait!

AAM  Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

JS – Thank you for reaching out to us. It’s great to know our first EP has gotten to themesosphere, and we’re thrusting for the thermosphere next year.

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