Young Skin – The Sticky Pages

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Young Skin

The genesis of Young Skin was when Artful Dodger asked Liz Unphair to do a side project in the vein of Bikini Kill. They rounded out the band with Black Donald and Beau Disregard (all fictitiously named current or ex members of The Ergs!, Lemuria, Hunchback, Failures’ Union, Black Wine, Full Of Fancy and For Science) and then each member contributed a song apiece, which was then practiced one day, performed live the next and then recorded the day after that. The resuling EP is four raw, stripped down cuts of punk with elements of old school and hardcore along with the aggressive Riot Grrrl vocals (a la the aforementioned Bikini Kill). Hopefully this side project is one that we will be hearing more from and we don’t have to settle for this just over eleven minute EP. (Paper + Plastick) –

Review by Geoff Melton