New Blues Revolution

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New Album “Revolution #9” And Jammin’ At NAMM

New Blues Revolution

New Blues Revolution (left to right, guitarist Chap Cooper; vocalist/keyboardist Bill Grisolia) performing at 2013 NAMM. Catch the band live on Sunday, February 24 at Don The Beachcomber in Huntington Beach. (Photo by Joanne Abu Qartoumy)

Recently called “Southern California’s Hardest-Working Blues Band by one writer, there are some weeks where New Blues Revolution (NBR for short) plays as many as five gigs in a week. Their hard work ethic is paying off: First, with a high-profile feature story in the January 2013 issue of the popular Southland Blues magazine; followed by an equally high-profile performance at the recent 2013 NAMM Convention.
Main NBR core members Bill Grisolia and Chap Cooper recently spoke with All Access Magazine Publisher Debra Stocker about their NAMM show, new album and more.

AAM: Let’s start by discussing New Blues Revolution’s recent show at the 2013 NAMM Convention. What audience were you hoping to reach there that you normally might not play in front of?

Chap: As you know – NAMM stands for the National Association of Musical Manufacturers. This show is always the “Place to Be” for everyone connected to this industry – Musicians, Music Stores, Manufacturers, Recording Studios, Pro AV, Celebrities, Industry Heavy Weights and more were all there. And we wanted to reach them all!

Bill:  People from all parts of California, the U.S. and other countries came together to watch us perform!  It was thrilling to have such a broad cross-section of the planet respond to what we were doing.  A large part of the NAMM community came out to see Chap, who is a long-time fixture of the NAMM show and much beloved among musicians, manufacturers’ representatives and sound reinforcement professionals.

AAM: What kind of contacts and/or networking opportunities did you both take advantage of at NAMM?

Chap:  Word of mouth gets around quick at NAMM. Our show was our calling card and created lots of opportunities – industry contacts, endorsements, gear, fans and a great time seeing other musicians play.

Bill:   A phalanx of photographers and videographers lined the stage while we performed.  The  mass market and the online community are beginning to enjoy those images now.  Other members of the music press interviewed us during the show – we are particularly excited about an interview we for Blues E-News at the Yamaha Pavilion.  I am a long-time Yamaha endorsee and it was a thrill to record our interview there.  We had a great turnout too among Yamaha’s professionals including Jeff Hawley, Director, Customer Experience Group, Yamaha, and Peter Giles, President of Giles Communications (Yamaha).

AAM: Going to a NAMM Convention, what “tools” do you come armed (prepared) with?
Chap: A special badge is actually needed to attend NAMM (which we were able to obtain). However, you did not need a badge to see our show at the Hilton. Other than the badge, lots of CD’s to hand out to our fans and new contacts.

Bill:  This year we were fortunate to be profiled in a Southland Blues feature story magazine that came out before NAMM.  Reprints of the article were passed out and we distributed links to the article. The timing was fantastic and the write-up was very favorable!  We also have a compilation demo video of our live show which we were able to hand people on thumb drives with the video file ready to play as well as direct people to online!  Of course, cards and stickers as well as all collateral materials feature our logo, the microphone clenched in the famous NBR “Power To the People” fist.

AAM: How has the NAMM Convention changed over the years?

Chap: It gets bigger and bigger. More of everything!

Bill: The Anaheim Center (where NAMM takes place) was recently remodeled.  The Convention Center has continued to improve the physical space.  This year they inaugurated a new outdoor stage and commons area which really helped build community, and I know will be an important fixture in years to come.  Next year look for New Blues Revolution to play that stage too!

AAM: What does 2013 hold in store for New Blues Revolution?

Bill:  We are releasing our CD “Revolution #9” and will have CD release parties in L.A., Orange and San Diego counties.  We look forward to our continuing relationships with Blues societies and both House of Blues locations (West Hollywood and Anaheim).  Last year we were offered out-of-state festivals in Denver and Phoenix and we look forward to more interstate festival work this year.

Chap: We are back in the studio and previewed a few of those new tunes at NAMM- so a new CD will be forthcoming later this year.  NBR will be adding many more live dates to our schedule and looking for movie placement for some of our tunes. Fun and positive surprises are always welcome!

(New Blues Revolution perform live at Don The Beachcomber in Huntington Beach on Sunday, February 24 ).