Neverwonder Coincides With Release Of New Album, “Really Let It Out”

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Busy Schedule For Neverwonder Coincides With Release Of New Album, “Really Let It Out”


A band that has graced the pages of All Access Magazine numerous times in the past is Neverwonder (in fact, they are a past All Access Magazine Awards Show “Best Rock Band” recipient, with bassist Vince Ramos winning “Best Bassist” as well!). The L.A.-based four-piece group (consisting of new member Alima Soul, vocals; and holdovers Scott Ramsay, guitars; Vincent Ramos, bass; and Andres Ramos, drums) have just released a new album, “Really Let It Out,” which is already receiving great reviews (“a unique blend of sounds and styles…(vocalist) Alima Soul packs a punch,” writes Rock Over America).

Neverwonder has a series of high-profile events coming up, starting with their performance at the Rose Bowl on the Main Stage at the 2013 L.A. Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, providing Direct Support for hip-hop heavies Far East Movement, Sunday, February 17 at 8:30 a.m. The band is also the Spotlight Artist on American Veterans Radio ( the week of February 17-24, receiving worldwide airplay. Also catch Neverwonder performing and interviewed live on Hollywood’s Actors E Chat show, Friday, March 8 at 10 a.m. (

The following interview was recently conducted with all four band members.
AAM: So Neverwonder is back with a new record, “Really Let It Out” after sort of disappearing from the music radar for a while. Where have you (collectively) been?

Alima:  Been working on creating new material and vibing/performing with new bandmates.  Hitting venues to gain exposure and launch of “Really Let it Out” CD. Vincent: The big changes was getting a new vocalist, The auditioning of new singers for the band, Wow this was crazy we went through a ton of vocalist and we would not stop until we found the right one for us… And once we lock that part in, we started to work our plan and the music so we would get back where we were… Andres: We were auditioning singer and getting things together. We wanted NEVERWONDER fans and ourselves to be happy with the choice of the new singer.

Scott:  Discovering Alima, retooling sound for her and recording.

AAM: The band has a new lead singer, Alima Soul. How did you go about finding her, and what is Alima’s music background?

 Alima: I was on a hunt for bandmates to collaborate and gig around the LA area since relocation from NYC. As for my background it is a Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and Pop music background…

Vincent: It was the old audition process… Meet them, jam it out, see if they are cool people and most important part is there voice what we are looking for… and lastly do we connect as people and players. Andres: CLS we had an ad and she answered it.

Scott: Huge audition process…

AAM: What are some of the music influences that can be heard on “Really Let It Out?”

Alima: No Doubt, Tina Turner, Pink, Lenny Kravitz

Vincent: I think the guys nailed it pretty good… In the 5 song cd you will hear a rock feel to a piano-acoustic feel, Which has a broad spectrum for the listener.

Andres: I don’t know if you can hear it so much but I Andres AKA Dre, I’m influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Nikka Costa and Old school Led Zep.

Scott: rock, soul hybrid

AAM: Neverwonder was recently nominated in the “Best Recording/EP” category for the 2013 Rockwired Radio Awards (congratulations!). How can this nomination be utilized to help grow the band’s visibility?

 Alima: Gain more visibility and press to validate presence in the music industry.

Vincent: Ok first off we are very excited about the nomination, This really back-ups our decision to take the time to track and record the music a pro place with people we trust and have work with. This is our calling card for us, after everything pictures, social media even your PR team it comes down to the music and if people are not hearing it correctly then that is a big problem for us, you can lose a listener and a potential fan for the band all because you didn’t want to spend the time or extra few bucks to get the songs sounding great…. I have always believed this, this is what we have to show to people and it has to be as good as it can be, within reason of course. As for the PR for the award we can push the CD to our fan base and the new fans coming in who may want to buy a CD, it only helps our process and for this we are very proud.

Andres: I’m really proud that the CD got nominated for an award, I think it’s good to take time to make your music sound good, you only have one chance to make a good impression! I really don’t like when someone who hands me there music and then starts to put band aids (excuses) on it or about it, such as “We did this in one take for $200”, “We didn’t have the Time and Money”,  “You know I trade fixing his car for studio time”. I’m ok with all that but it is what it is and let it speak for itself…. And I believe the better the sound, the more someone can understand what the band is tying to convey to the listener. So I’m glad we spent the time and effort on our CD so new fans can listen and grow us to the next level.

Scott: This recording should show we can have a modern sound and are capable to play with anyone.

AAM: Neverwonder has been together for over a decade, so you’re pretty qualified to answer this one: How has the live music scene changed through the years since your band first formed?

 Andres: The Internet has changed the scene so there is good and bad from that, but fans are fans, I think if you give people a good show, they will come back to see you and support the band.

Vincent: I agree with Dre, the Internet has changed the game in music overall and has allowed everybody a chance at the golden ring…. Where the Internet was when the band formed and is now is crazy….The way to reach people from all over the world and gain more fans. As for the live shows well that has changed a lot also from reaching out to your fans…. The days of mailing out flyers are gone…. With the Internet you can reach a lot of people very quickly, don’t forget about texting the fan base also very quick… But with all the changes it still works to make a call and speak with the fan the personal touch I believe makes a big difference… and lastly music magazines for local bands has really changed how people see bands and I thank you All Access for all that you do for us and all local bands!

AAM: What are some of your tried-and-true ‘tricks of the trade’ to get fans to come out to Neverwonder shows?


Alima: Incentive…buy them drinks and listen to us live.

Vincent: Good question. There really is no tricks it is all hard work, that takes time and love from each and every band member pulling together in one direction. From doing the PR of the show, the shows, the music and now we have gotten a lot of new toys to PR the bands and bring fans out… But what brings fans back is doing a great show and playing great music and always reaching out to everybody after the show and meeting new people and getting them on your email list and NOT being a “Rock Star”. This is what I think brings people back again and again to see a band play.

Andres: Positive attitude…

Scott: No need for tricks yet…(laughs)

AAM: Peer into the proverbial crystal ball and tell us where you hope for Neverwonder to be five years hence?

 Alima: hitting the stages across the biggest venues world wide and hearing the name “Neverwonder” as a well-renowned band in the music industry.

Vincent: Having more fun as a band, recording more CD’s, playing all over the world… But playing music full time and make a good living…. Lastly thank you for the interview this was great… Thank you means a lot to the band… Andres: I would love to be as successful as Adele, No Doubt, RHCP, but to be honest with you I would like to make a living making by playing music and performing.

Scott: Touring, videos, etc.