Miss February 2013 – Raven Le Faye

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Raven Le FayeHello there! My name is Raven Le Faye. I’m a full time model and performer based in Oakland, CA. Though I’m personally not very musically inclined, music has greatly influenced many of my artistic endeavors. In addition to modeling I’m also skilled in a number of crafty mediums which I’ve used for shoots as well as personal projects. I’ve dabbled in clothing design and construction, hair styling, hair sculptures and creating wigs, makeup, web design, and graphic design. I’ve made clothing and costumes for shoots, for the girls in a go-go dance troupe I used to run, and for the stage show I put together when I worked with The Zoopy Show. Whether it’s the state of mind created by the music, the feelings and memories associated with certain songs, or the aesthetic of the artists themselves, music has inspired me throughout my life and these projects.

As a model I pride myself in being a bit of a chameleon and like to experience as many new and challenging circumstances as possible. I’ve shot in 27 degree cold and 105 degree heat, wind, rain, fog, snow, upside down, under water, and suspended from the ceiling. I’ve been illustrated, body painted, covered in liquid latex, candle wax, candy, ribbons, silver leaf, and multi-colored goo. Wardrobe and styling has been everything under the sun from corsets, to Japanese school girl outfits, mirrored eyebrows, ropes made of light, latex, inflatable dresses, and everything in-between.  I can’t imagine how else I’d be able to experience such a diverse array of craziness. Or any other career or circumstance that would justify it for that matter!

In addition to my obvious affection for the color pink, I love travel, sewing (currently working on integrating electronics into clothing and prop designs), my 2 chinchillas, fellow eccentric human beings, and generally making a spectacle of myself.

I’m hoping to have a functional website up and running soon. I’d also really like to travel more in the future. There are many talented people outside of my local range that I’d love to collaborate with eventually so I want to make that happen.

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