Kobra and the Lotus strike metal venom

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Kobra and the Lotus

Canada’s new metal band,

Kobra and the Lotus strike metal venom with first International album

Canada music scene has given the world of rock, bands such as Rush, Triumph, April Wine and Helix.

KATL was formed during 2008 with beautiful and power singer Brittany (Kobra) Paige (could be that is her favorite snake) with guitarist Chris Swenson and drummer Griffin Kissack. She completed Grade 8 in vocals and Grade 6 in piano and she studied classical music with The Royal Music Conservatory of Canada. Their first album ‘Out of the Pit’ was released during 2010 which is now hard to find. During 2012 they got the ears of Gene Simmons and he signed them to his Simmons Records. This is their first international album with 10 songs, 11 on other countries releases.

The album is non-stop pounding, fast guitar riffs and energize metal from the opening song “50 Shades of Evil” to the last song. The offical videos from the album are: “Welcome to My Funeral”, “50 Shades of Evil” and “Forever One”. Others on You Tube are festivals and small venues from Europe with conversations with Kobra and other.

Other songs are: Heaven’s Veins, My Life , Nayava , Sanctuary (the slower song on the album), Lover of the Beloved , No Rest for the Wicked, Aria of Karmika , Dark Passenger (extra track). The current musicians are: Jasio Kulakowski – Guitars, Charlie Parra Del Riego – Guitars, Pete Dimov – Bass and Griffin Kissack – Drums.
Their second home has been Europe playing at the music festivals and small venues. At the end of 2012 they did a short US tour with Sonta Artica. Currently are working on their next album for 2013 and another tour. This group has long term potential to headline their own shows as well opening for others with their energy and with fresh metal sound.They can energize the crowd while holding their own as either opening for other bands or headline shows. When they come to where you live, go see them as KATL will strike you their energy.

US rock radio should take notice of this band and others of this music and play their music!