Gojira, The Devin Townsend Project and the Atlas Moth Tour

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 Has arrived in Hollywood

Review by Juan ibarra

As fans lined up in the rain outside the sold out  Fonda Theater located on Hollywood Blvd-Hollywood, no one seemed to mind the hour plus wait for the doors to open for the night’s festivities. Walking up and down the line you can hear the fans telling stories of previous shows of these bands. This  made everyone just buzz even more, it meant this would be a good night.
Openers, The Atlas Moth started the show with their song Coffin Varnish , and the crowd immediately got excited. With two vocalists, and three guitarists, they have a very unique blend of harmonies for their music.

They also played other favorites like 25s and the Royal Blues, and Holes in the Desert, they closed the set with An Ache for the Distance, bringing their set to a remarkable end.

As we waited for Devin Townsend Project to come on, there were very odd, yet entertaining videos being played on the screens, which amused the crowd. Then the almighty Devin Townsend enters the stage and the crowd goes crazy! This musical mastermind started his set with the song Truth, and the pit instantly took up a good majority of the floor. The thing I love most about his shows is it’s always entertainment from jokes, to music, to crazy antics that he involves the crowds in. Example being that before they started playing the song Lucky Animals, Devin got the crowd doing jazz hands for the upcoming song. I have not been to a lot of metal shows that involved jazz hands, as I’m sure I’m not alone in this. But the crowd had a great time doing it, (goes to show that anything can be happen).

They closed with the last two songs Juular and Grace , bringing the fans to a climatic end to his set.

There was an electric feeling in the venue, anxiously awaiting the final band of the night, French metal band, Gojira. Their life-size replica of the head from the cover of their recent album L’Enfant Sauvage (the wild child) and starry backdrop eerily gloom, awaiting the band.
The band comes out and lead singer Joe Duplantier speaks into the microphone, “Are you alive?”  and the thunderous sound coming from the crowd answered his question. They tore into the show with “Explosia “and instantly the floor was no longer for standing as fans started swirling into a pit. Joe and guitarist Christian Andreu’s fast picking riffs thundered the place, alongside the  powerful bass of Jean-Michel Labadie, and Mario Duplantier’s precise and relentless drumming.
They played many fan favorites, among them were Flying Whales, Backbone, the Heaviest Matter of the Universe as well as The Axe and closing with the Gift of Guilt as the encore.

Towards the end of the night Joe taught us a little French by declaring “It doesn’t matter if you mean yes or, say oui!

Gojira definitely left its’ mark in Los Angeles that night, as I’m sure they will in the future.