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BFK by BennFranK-Are You Experienced?

Reviewed by: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

BennFranKAccording to my submission log I received over 100 CDs from record labels, promoters and artists last year. Out of those submissions 46 of them fit into the urban music format, of which I wrote and had published 21 either positive or negative reviews. I’ve heard a lot of music over the years and wouldn’t want to have it any other way. After all, I’m just a small town girl who’s moved to the big city looking for the end of the rainbow.

There always seems to be a lull in the number of submissions I receive over the New Year holidays. I guess people just have their minds on other things during that time. So, while there’ve been fewer CDs coming to me in the mail since 2013 began I did receive an interesting email from one of the promoters who has consistently sent me some of the best underground artists I’ve heard during my years of writing about music. Attached to that email was an EPK (that’s an Electronic Press Kit for those of you who are not in the entertainment industry or maybe missed that whole computer revolution thing…) from a new artist that the promoter wanted me to check out. I’m so glad I did!

The artist is BennFranK, who’s from Long Island, NY and who recently released an album titled BFK. The EPK had the usual pictures, some pretty impressive reviews and radio charts, and 9 tracks that I downloaded, and because I liked them so much, I not only saved on my iPod, but actually burned a just-in-case disc. That’s rare for me (and sorry BennFranK for ripping a copy for free for my music library but I hope this review more than makes up for it).

BFK, on Fuzion Records, stands alone in its simple, but solid, approach to hip-hop. It’s a lean, mean collection of cuts that speak passionately about the never ending task of trying to fit into daily life where nothing seems to fit. The songs ponder many of the same subjects that philosophers have wrestled with since cave people first recorded the minutia of existence on their cave walls: surviving, family, love, identity, faith, and of course, the great mysteries of the stars above us.

The wonderful surprise of BFK is the way BennFranK is able to interconnect these heady subjects into a cohesive compilation, and then deliver his lyrics in way that sounds like he’s talking, or rapping, only to you. It’s intimate without being saccharine or treacly. For that reason I’ve decided not to write the usual song by song dissection that I’m usually prone to, but concede that the only way to truly understand, that what my words would fail to express, is for you to listen to his album from beginning to end.

I know to some it may appear that perhaps I’m still trying to shake off my New Year’s hangover, or that I’m just lazy, but I really want my readers to experience BennFranK. Thus, I’ve made available links where you can go to listen to, find out more about, follow, fan and experience the BennFranK experience. You won’t be sorry my friends.–The-Artist.html