Miss December – Sandee

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SandeeSandee’s the name and designing is her game!… Well actually, so is Dead Space and several other amazing video games… But aside from that, Sandee is a Los Angeles born artist who is driven by motherhood, art, music, classic literature, comics, coffee, and video games. She has been a career driven designer for well over 11 years and is a very proud and dedicated mother to her “Little One”. She considers modeling as her “fun side project in life” and has been modeling on and off for over a decade.

In college, she was considered the “go to” model for undergraduate student art and photography projects. After attaining her Bachelors Degree, she took a hiatus in modeling to start her design career, and in time, became a full time mother.

She began modeling again in 2008, and continues to do so for the Graphic Artist known as Mesck. She has been featured in many of his designs and album artwork for Drum & Bass artists, such as Quadrant.

Sandee was brought up listening to a wide variety of music that mainly consisted of classic rock and classical music. When she was only nine years old, her parents took her to see Guns n’ Roses open up for The Rolling Stones. Since, she’s developed an insatiable love for rock music that later developed into an intense love affair with Metal music, especially Death and Black Metal.

Because of her immense appreciation for Rock music, she is very ecstatic to be featured in All Access Magazine and thankful for having been given the opportunity.