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Home for a Christmas Celebration with Celtic Woman

An interview with Lisa Lambe

Lisa Lambe

She talks about the 2012 Christmas Symphony tour and recording the new Home For Christmas album with composer David Downes. photo by Craig Newman,

All Access Magazine (AAM): Who decides who sings what songs?

LL: It is a very collaborative process; the Christmas album for me was born out of the first year of the symphony tour last year. We were on the road and performing songs from the first Christmas album, “A Christmas Celebration”.  When you start singing the Christmas songs they just ooze out of every pore and every fiber of your being. So on the road and on the tour bus singing all these other carols just getting really festive.  Seeing Christmas trees everywhere and think just totally immersed in the Christmas spirit right from the 28th of November. David and us, we collaborate from the symphony tour began and we wouldn’t know this would be this new kind of Christmas album.  Essentially the fine tuning and choosing goes to David who is an amazing, amazing person to work with he is also on the road with us for this tour. So for me is a dream to get to perform with him every night on stage. He is the one who would come up with the choice of material but he works us so intensely and every min Ute detail is caught true and so incredibly well. You feel so involved of the process yourself. Is very much a joint collaborative process but the material is defiantly is David’s thing to start with.

AAM: When recording the second Christmas album did you have to like last time have to bring Christmas trees and ornaments into the studio?

LL:  (Laughter) Well, actually it is a good point, that we recorded the album during July at Dublin. Though we don’t get hot summers it was quite mild and UN festive, very UN festive time of year to be in the studio singing Christmas carols. I really think about that kind of stuff.  I thought of brining in paraphernalia like tinsel and things to make you feel festive.  For me when recording we are recording individually when were with David.  When I was in the booth listening to these arraignments coming that were coming into ear phones to my hands just couldn’t believe how so, so beautiful they were. As soon as you hear them you are transported into Christmas time. And I feel so proud to be part of an album like this; I think Christmas music last forever and not a seasonal thing. Nicest thing for me is to present this album to my parents and family and say “hey put this on while I’m away” when they are at home. That is really special that kind of makes that when you are away. At times you wish you are at home or missing this and to show people what you have been doing.

AAM: And now is Christmas time (laughter).

LL (Laughter) and now is Christmas time and the album actually appropriately title, Home for Christmas and I will be home for Christmas, I will be home on the 24th. I fly into Dublin airport on Christmas Eve.  So I am home for perfect time and as we all we always say Christmas is a special time of year globally. For Celtic Woman is very special and I come from a family of ten and I am the youngest of the ten kids so for me family is everything for me to be with love ones is very special.

AAM:  You get some time off and back on the road early next year.

LL:  Yes, we are on our spring tour early February next year and we get some time at home which is lovely and sometime in January as well to be at home. You know is an amazing I think I am feel I am a very lucky girl to being doing the job that I do.  I’ve always wanted to perform and studied classical acting actually at a university and performing on stage since then and as a little kid I would perform a lot as well. So performing as well  and music  and acting  has been with me all my life really and feel very blessed I am do what I really love.  It is not every day you get to that and getting to see world at the same time.  And it is great.

AAM:  On this tour is a shorter tour for the holiday.  For this tour is basically the ladies and a small orchestra?

 LL: Yes, it is a really unusual and different project for Celtic Woman. It is an amazing, invigorating and changeling one and amazing as well. It was born project from last year first time to do it. What it is really is the four ladies –I, Mairead, Chole and Susan with David Downes our music arranger and composer on piano, we have two of our normal big bands with us, Andy Riley on and percussion drums and Tommy Martin Ulean Pipes. That is core of the show and what we do and the most fabulous part of this project is travel to different cities each night and perform with a different symphony orchestra to the town we are going to. So it is amazing and also travels with John Paige as conductor who is an old friend of Dave’s. He is an amazing man who is there to steer the ship and conducting the orchestra to the town we go to. It is an amazing experience for a singer and performer to get to standup every night and sing with the symphony orchestra. I don’t think your dreams can get much better than that really (laughter).

AAM: I agree with you on that one. And the show is the Christmas songs and is about two hour show?

 LL: Yeah, Is just less than two hours with an intro.  Is beautiful as well you get to hear the orchestra in full force. They have amazing overtures in both halves and playing with us with the music. I think for anyone who is a Celtic Woman fan is a different type show for them to see.  If you seen the amazing I suppose with massive with multiple costume changes, a choir and a band and things. Now with beautiful   gowns and all stripped back to the music and the orchestra. They are much of a focus then we are and is lovely with a share experience on stage.

AAM: I admit when I went for the filming at Dublin to see “A Christmas Celebration” that the gowns the ladies wear is just gorgeous!

LL: Yeah, were very lucky girls! The designer for Celtic Woman is an amazing Irish designer and is an award winning designer name is Synan O’ Mahony.  He has the most incredible eye for beauty and sees all of us as well. And though there a common a thread among the dresses he sees what color works best for us individually. He is just a dream to work with and we feel like just princess every single time wear those dresses.  For the symphony tour we are the dresses by him so his legend lives on (laughter).

AAM: The tour started on December first?

LL:  We are at Connecticut at Foxwoods Casino that to me seems like just a long time ago but it isn’t really. We have been to so many places since then and it’s a lovely feeling that we were in the states and the beginning of the year for the spring tour, and then went to Australia, South Africa, and then back to Europe. We   recently went to Los Angeles for a promo so was quick 5 day trip. Is so lovely to be back at America it really is. Feels like my second home now.  I felt head over heels with America I really have (laughter).

AAM: You were recently on one the soap operas over here?

LL: We were and performed the Bold and the Beautiful. Which was an amazing experience and part of our trip Los Angeles recently to perform and meet the actors and perform in an episode that was really so prolific to the story line of Bold and the Beautiful? The character, Stephanie was saying goodbye after 25 years in the program.  It was a huge monumental moment for the show and for us to be part of such an incredible soap opera that has been part of the American fabric for so long. It was absolute honor to do that.

AAM: Start the next tour February?

LL: Yes, we start the spring tour mid February and will be a little bit longer I think to June.  So will spend more time here I am really looking forward to it and is the Believe tour.

CN: it was nice to talking to you and to see you at the show.

LL:  Give my best to the fans and the familiar faces. Bye