Power(ful) Reviews For Singer-Songwriter Jeff Powers Latest Album

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Power(ful) Reviews For Singer-Songwriter Jeff Powers Latest Album

(Photo by Marianne Joyce)

“Jeff Powers is one of Rockwired’s “25 Guitarists You Gotta Know”…his self-titled release is an engaging listen that will leave the listener amazed at the guitarist’s musicality and virtuosity as well as his tremendous sense of songcraft.” ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE

“Powers is a poet, troubadour, emigre’ returning home with tall tales and hard-lived insights…from his Hendrix-like blues-based guitar riffs and sixties references in “13 Seconds 67 Shots (Kent State Massacre)” to the Buffalo Springfield-like “Gypsy Girl (Ode To Ani DeFranco)” to the folk simplicity of “Standing In The Rain,” the journey is well worth taking.”  ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE

“I know I will take some heat for this, but there are times on his self-titled disc that Jeff Powers sounds like Bob Dylan…maybe not in terms of how he approaches his vocals, but in lyrical content. On “15 Seconds 67 Shots” Powers conjures up the right amount of disbelief and angst over the happenings of that tragic day, and does so in a Dylan-esque manner.” MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE

“Powers has a heavy hand and a sharp axe…his self-titled debut preaches a heady mix of hellfire blues and soul-searching folk, summoning a sound that falls somewhere between Johnny Cash and Johnny Winter.”  CLEVELAND SCENE

“There’s nothing like finding out about a little-known but awesome talent and get to be the one telling the world about them…it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s a real personal treat. This is one of those cases. To put it short and sweet, Jeff Powers is awesome and his new, self-titled CD is an excellent showcase of his incredible talent.”  BOOMEROCITY

“While his interpretations follow oral history and folk music traditions, Powers surrounds each song with a searing blues blues guitar and driving band…his technique makes each selection sizzle.” SOUTHLAND BLUES

“The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young-like ’13 Seconds 67 Shots (Kent State Massacre)’ is one of the best songs on the disc…’I’m In A Bad Mood’ takes the Critic’s Choice…the cathartic cut might not scream ‘single’ but it serves a real purpose.” L.A. EXAMINER

“Wild Child’ really hops off the album as a butt-kicker…’Ray Of Hope” has a haunting quality and is strongly constructed… ‘Hitchhike In the Rain’ has the rough blues/grunge/rock sound going for it and may be my favorite track on the CD.” BMANS BLUES REPORT

“There’s a senior blues master in town, one that really deserves your serious attention…Jeff Powers has great composition and soling….”  GUITAR ON SKY

“American Veterans Radio is proud to bring the world Jeff Powers as our Spotlight Artist of the Week.”  AMERICAN VETERANS RADIO

Jeff Powers…In His Own Words     “While living as an illegal alien and partying like a rock star in Mexico, City for 7 years, I cut my teeth with various blues bands. Though I moved to Mexico City to perform and teach classical guitar I soon dropped out of the cozy and well paid classical world to live and play in the down and dirty clubs, jails and places at the end of dirt roads.   Barely eking out a living I would cross the entire city with guitar and amp in hand by bus and subway to get to a gig or rehearsal but during my years there I wrote over 200 + songs and developed my own style of blues guitar based around my classical technique.    After returning to my home town of Cleveland I formed my own blues band and started recording original songs and performing with my band and as a solo acoustic act. I’ve been playing in the Cleveland area for 15 + years in my blues bands Dead Guy Blues and Clarksdale and also as a solo acoustic artist.   Besides performing my songs my sets include music by singer/songwriters like: Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Jeff Buckley and blues by: SRV, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Lightnin’ Hopkins. I incorporate finger picking, slide and a loop station to stretch out on lead guitar and give my solo shows a lot of variety.   Mixed in with my original songs some arranging highlights include: a delta style version of “Voodoo Chile,” Jeff Buckley’s magnificent version of “Hallelujah,” the Stephen Stills’ classic “Treetop Flyer” and a Dobro slide version of Charlie Daniels’ “Long Haired Country Boy.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkN-lh8Tpog&feature=youtu.be           www.jeffpowers.net                                       https://www.facebook.com/jeffpowersmusic?ref=ts&fref=ts