T&N Slave To The Empire

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 The three ex members of Dokken (George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown) come together for a rock album that features over 60 minutes unreleased and release Dokken songs redone and original songs.

The opening song – “Slave to the Empire” with drum fills by Brian Tichy. Blazing guitar from George, Jeff singing can lead this band or others with his vocals.

The Dokken songs redone with guest vocalists are: Tooth and Nail (Doug Pinnik), It’s Not Love (Robert Mason), Kiss of Death (Tim “Ripper” Owens). These singers give a fresh sound to these known songs will not be a disappointment to Dokken fans. “Into The Fire” &” Where Eagles Die” (Jeff Pilson) and Alone Again (Sebastian Bach). Especially with Sebastian who really complements his vocals with Don Dokken when hear both versions.  Other songs Jeff sings on are: Mind Control, Jesus Train and Access Denied.

This album could have been another Dokken album yet it is music by the musicians of the band.  This album should be added to your rock ‘n’ roll catalog and for those starting one. Hope they go on tour to support this album and with two drummers.

After listening to this album and with the guest singers it is a high energy album from start to the end,  but respecting the songs of the original band they listen to during the 80’s. Is good they are still composing and performing music and what they have already done will stand for the future and so will their influence to music.
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