Step Daddy’s new CD “Love”

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Roars like the early efforts of cult heroes Clutch with its reckless aggression and backwoods, manic persona. Taking influence from acts such as Faith no More and Mastodon, they call themselves half rock, half comedy, but it’s mostly good old heaviness and anger on display here in tracks like the vicious “Brain de Homage”, which is about as malicious as the genre gets, with lead guitars borrowing from hardcore pioneers Botch, and vocalist Kit van der Jagt working his Mike Patton out.

While the production overall leaves room for improvement, at this stage in the band’s career it works, mainly because it harkens back to the dirty, underground rock sound of the early to mid 90’s. The guitar riffs border on jazz at times, and dissonance is present just about every second of the release. If the band upped the production value and used the Drive like Jehu dissonant aspects more selectively, they could have an interesting release next time. Still, this is a great new release for anyone who enjoys Tomahawk, Clutch, Botch, or Faith no More.