Search for the Hidden Gem (2012 – vol# 12)

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Have a great turkey day!  I hope TV Land replays the WKRP in Cincinnati episode with the turkey drop.

Jason Eady

“AM Country Heaven”
Style (Country)

My guilty music pleasure is country music on the radio when I’m on the road traveling.  Not because deep down inside I’m a country boy but when I’m in the middle of an Arizona desert there’s not much else on the radio other then country and music that’s so old it farts dust on the Highway Station; country being the lesser of two evils plus the lyrics crack me up.  As for Eady’s brand of country, I like his comfortable and easy style.  Eady’s songs have a relaxed, reflective, slow tempo that, not to sound cliché, inspires me to “kick up my heels and stay a while.”  However, because of the slow tempo this isn’t the country I want playing while driving those many many miles of long and lonely stretches of an Arizona highway unless I plan of falling asleep and putting my truck in a ditch.  But once I’m at my middle of nowhere motel I’ll throw this on and kickback with a cool drink, and chillax.

Rating 3 (not too bad)

Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls

“Packed for Exile”
Style (Indie / Americana)

My first impression is one of warm up act for Jimmy Buffett county fair concert while all the Buffettheads are outside plowing down margaritas and their medicine.  Heath’s songs are vagabond campy but deep inside I detect a little bluegrass and pop influences.  The tempo on the CD is a little too slow so hopefully live they step it up a tad.  In my ears the song “Devil Ain’t Talkin’” is the best on the CD because I’m partial to songs with more tempo, a cool vocal effect, and there’s really something cool about lapsteel that adds killer texture to any song.  Thanks for the new song for the iPod.

Rating 2 (gonna need something more to work in a bar)

Icarus Witch

Style (Metal)

My impression of this group is one of a serviceable rock band that plays in the local club about every month on progressive rock night, has a little following, but musically hasn’t put the pieces together to get them into the commercial realm.  The song structure is progressive but the tangents and lack of interesting lyrics are sending me elsewhere.  In a nutshell, the more I listen the more bored I get and the better my bologna sandwich I packed for lunch is looking.  Musically these guys all have chops, but with vocal harmonies and a singer with a Paul Stanley’esq vocal style, which isn’t a bad thing and isn’t something I come across very often, exactly where is the Icarus and the Witch?  I’m gonna need a lot more edge and substance to take a band with that name serious.

Rating 1 ½ (just because of the musicianship)