John Corabi goes Unplugged on new album

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John Corabi

If you want to listen to a acoustic blues funk sound album with a relaxing feel, listen to the new John Corabi Unplugged album who sang for the Scream and Motley Crue. He has been on a successful solo career. The new album of his twelve songs and the thirteenth track is an interview.

The opening song “Love (I don’t need it Anymore).Has a funky sound to move your hips, hand and feet tapping.   Other songs include: “Open your Eyes”, “I Never Loved her Anyways”, “Man on the Moon” Hooligan’s Holiday”. Which both have Bruce Kulick (Kiss) playing lead guitar. For fans of John this is album will fill the gap while waiting to hear what his next album will sound like. Other musicians on the album: D.A. Karkos –Guitar/ Vocals, Topher Nolan- Bass/ Vocals, Cheney Brannon – Percussion / Vocals and Matt Farley- Percussion / Vocals.