Suze Lanier-Bramlett – “Swamp Cabaret

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By Joey Alkes

Suze Lanier-Bramlett’s CD, Swamp Cabaret, is music made by a very talented lady, with a huge pedigree. Country, show-blues and saloon phrases, a cool blend…life lived and a sense of humor. Gotta like a cowgirl who sings “If Roy Rogers Was My Daddy” and takes you “On The Way To Woodstock” in the first third of the CD!   Suze Lanier-Bramlett mixes theater and blues as well as anyone, and does so with an amazing set of chops for and song phrasing as well to create the consummate veteran one-woman magician and musical theater artist. Swamp Cabaret, the Cd, is everything it is touted to be. Bette Midler, move over!!