Steve Vai

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The Story of Light ends US tour 2012 at Agoura Hills, California. October 13, 2012

Steve Vai

Steve VaiSteve VaiLiving legend and influential guitarist Steve Vai came to Southern California ending his US 2012 tour.  Also known as a student of Joe Satriani, Founder of Favored Nations music label, Make the Noise foundation, and also David Lee Roth’s guitarist on the Eat em and smile album and tour.  He has been non-stop on his music endeavors.

His 2012 US tour ended at the Canyon Club being sold out yet very fun show.  With backdrop on a single eye and various color lights the band came out and with Steve in black cowboy hat and long coat.  The two and half hour show with full energy starting with the ‘Racing with the World’.

The show included songs on acoustic guitars playing by Steve and Dave Weiner- Rhythm guitar together and solos by both.  Other songs included: ‘Gravity Storm’, ‘The Moon & I’, ‘Whispering a Prayer’,’ Rescue Me or Bury Me‘(acoustic). Fun shows that Steve talked to the crowd and let those in front of the stage touch the guitar and plucking the strings and changing into different outfits and one as a lighted spaceman.

What caught my eye for the show of course is Steve but the Harpist Deborah Henson-Conant, which the harp was not the harp we know had her solo.  This was an electric harp with lights and strapped to her carry which added a different dimension to the show.

The Drum solo by Jeremy Colson which he also special made harness drums(like a one man drum band) with lights, cymbals and a talking skull that also has smoke from it mouth.

Steve brought two audience members on the stage to compose a song verbally that he and band will play, which is good to have that interaction and fun which his show is.

The Europe tour will be just as fun for band and fans. For more information on Steve Vai: Face book Twitter