Singer Suze Lanier-Bramlett To Appear At L.A. Horror Fest

Actress-Singer Suze Lanier-Bramlett To Appear At L.A. Horror Fest

Original “Scream Queen” Suze Lanier-Bramlett makes a “spook”-tacular appearance the 2-day L.A. Horror Fest, happening Halloween weekend, Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27. Info/Tickets: Suze will sign autographs and talk about her upcoming films “Cut,” “Area 51” and more. She’ll also be appearing at Long Beach Comic Con the weekend of November 3-4.     Catch a live(ly) interview with Suze on the “Money & Music V” radio show airing on the Global Voice Broadcasting Radio Network, this Thursday, October 25, from 5-6 p.m. PT. Join Suze as she visits with hosts Victoria Jodis, Walt Lusk, and Chezz Monroe for a fun, Halloween-themed on-air gala! Call in live: (323) 330-0662. “Money & Music V” is broadcast in all fifty states and in eighty countries worldwide.

All Access Magazine’s Debra Stocker recently caught up with Bramlett (SLB) to discuss l.A. horror Fest, her busy craeer and more.

AAM: Congratulations on being a part of L.A. Horror Fest this year! Talk about your role in this year’s festival?

SLB: In the last few years horror, sci-fi conventions have become very popular.  It’s an opportunity for fans to come out and meet their favorite actors (characters) in person, as well as an opportunity for us to meet them.  This will be my first year to be a part of the L.A. Horror Fest, so I’m not sure what to expect; just that it should be fun and a great way to celebrate Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. It’s taking place at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood where I have worked on many sets.  I’m always happy on set.  Raleigh Studios has it’s own haunting history.

AAM: You’ll be reprising your role from classic 1977 horror film “The Hills Have Eyes” in the upcoming sequel, “Cut.” Talk about how that came to be?

SLB: The idea cam from of Eileen O’Farrell of O’Farrell Talent Management.   She suggested the idea to David Roundtree, the director of “Cut!,” also her client.  I play Susan Lanier, formerly the star of the original “The Hills Have Eyes” who has now become a horror film director.  This is a side plot of the film which really stars a wonderful actor, David Banks.  David Rountree is also an actor in the film, as well as Gabrielle Stone, Dee Wallace’s real life daughter, among others.

AAM: You could accurately be referred to as “The Original Scream Queen” for your work in THHE. What are your thoughts on that?

SLB: That’s funny.  All of the reviews on the film referred to my screaming.  I was on a list somewhere that said I was one of the best screamers of all time.  Peter Locke, the producer, also talked about that in the blue ray DVD insert.  I guess you can say that I love to throw myself into the reality of the moment, you know, really make the commitment.  It was scary stuff, especially in those days. I’m not so sure I would want to scream that much today.  It’s not great on the vocal cords, and lately I’ve been singing and recording.

AAM: In your opinion, how does today’s horror genre’ compare with how these types of movies were made in the past?

SLB: The current day horror films seem to be more reality based.  You know, scary situations that could really happen.  Also, the filmmakers seem to be trying to outdo each other to see who can be the most horrific.  Some of the newer horror films are beginning to resemble pornography, which in my own opinion is really unnecessary and not really what I would call “art”.

My greatest fear is that I will appear in a film that influences some psycho who runs out and hurts or kills someone because they saw my film.  The best horror films in my opinion, are done tongue-in-cheek or with a bit of humor attached to it.  I’ll be releasing my first music video by Halloween this year entitled, “Watch What You Ask For.”  It will feature horror stars Michael Berryman and Brooke Lewis.  It’s a horror music video which I hope that fans will see the humor in.

AAM: What is your favorite horror movie of all time, and why?

SLB: Without question, the original “Psycho.”  I loved Alfred Hitchcock.  He was a genius and the Master of Suspense.  He influenced so many of the great filmmakers today.  I regret I never got to work with him.   “Psycho” was extremely scary, but it’s the perfect example of what I was talking about:  combining horror with humor, the perfect combination for a great horror film.