Charles Burton Blues Band – “Favorites”

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By Joey Alkes

The Charles Burton Blues Band’s CD, Favorites, is one of those CDs that were you not some industry freeloader you might actually pay for. I don’t know what their original material sounds like, but these renditions of some great Blues and R&B tunes does more than justice to them, and defines the difference between a cover and an interpretation. Let me simplify: when talented “working” bands work and play good tunes with understanding they make good records! What a concept. San Diego legend Burton’s band plays the blues with a patience and authenticity to admire, and I must admit that their blend of European musicianship, pop references and Charles Burton’s history based Southern California pedigree is intriguing. Burton can sing as well as any in his chosen genre; and plays the genre guitars with exception. Being a pop music guy myself I loved Burton’s version of “Spooky.” “Little Sister” the Pomus, Shuman tune rocked my R&B-loving boat. Really would make this capsule too long to call out all the great cuts. This is the kind of CD you put on, lean back and chill…leg ever-moving, of course! Or drinking hard to in a Northern Europe club!