Vajra’s – “Pleroma”

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Within the first 30 seconds of listening to progressive alt rock artist Vajra’s new album “Pleroma”, it’s very clear that this is no typical, commercial Evanescence-type enterprise. Project creator Annamaria Pinna truly seems to see this as a meaningful vehicle for the expression of the human condition, and it pours out of the vocals and music. Drawing influence from artists like Tool, Porcupine Tree, Dead Can Dance and Melissa Auf Der Maur, Vajra’s music is less focused on the mainstream and moreso aimed at the progressive and spiritual rock music subcultures interested in the aforementioned artists. This is commendable, as there seem to be more mainstream copycats out there than serious artists.

“Inside the Flame” is undeniable as an opener, and is possibly the album’s best track. Picture Azam Ali singing over Tool’s lush instrumentation.


The aggressive and driven, yet decidedly melodic vocals separate Vajra from the alt metal crowd, making this a uniquely individual affair. “Almost One” has a heartbreaking tone, with emotionally charged vocals and a more radio friendly format, although it’s infused with beautiful tablas and heavy basslines. If this is as close as Vajra gets to the mainstream, that’s a good thing for rock and metal fans. “Blind” sounds catchy and engaging until it explodes into a frenzied climax, showing the true range and grit of Pinna’s vocals. I don’t know many rock singers who could match that intensity.

“Intuition” is another favourite, with it’s dark, early-Alice in Chains guitars mixed with Dead Can Dance sounding toms and atmospheres. This is a truly angry record, but a spiritual anger. Another highlight on the release is album closer “The Apple”, which deserves it’s epic 8 minute length.

Overall, Vajra’s “Pleroma” is a fascinating release mainly because of it’s earnest intensity not often heard in 2012. I would absolutely recommend this to any serious rock, metal, or world music fans.