Search for the Hidden Gem (2012 – vol# 10)

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The NFL season has just begun and already my fantasy football team is in desperate need of a running back.  Damn you Fred Jackson!

The Adarna

Self titled EP
Style (Indie / Rock / Pop)

I only review EP’s when I feel a point needs to be made, good or bad.  In the case of The Adarna from Seattle, these 5 tracks are stupendously bad, and the band needs to know it so they’ll stop doing it.  As often is the case, the standout responsible for the horrific destruction and cause of my disdain is the overreaching vocals, that are devoid of style, range concept, and musical ability.  I’m betting this vocalist belts it out in his car at full volume thinking he’s the bees’ knees because he once heard Casey Kasem on America’s Top 40 say “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!”   Stop singing, you suck!  From the bio I gleaned this production was funded by donations received through Kickstarter.  To the Kickstarter donors, couldn’t that contribution been better spent on a fancy coffee instead of this pathetic musical mess?   OK, maybe I need to dial my disgust down a little bit.  The EP isn’t so bad if I overlook the lack of song writing, lack of content, lack of style, lack of confidence, and lack of talent.  If the donations were mainly directed toward the female guitar player who has a punk cute look and is a little serviceable as a guitarist than OK.  But to whoever’s musical creation this originated with take my advice – keep your day job, stay in school, eat your veggies, and most importantly stop making music.   BTW, you’re not the only band named after this mythological bird of music so you might want to rethink that to.

Rating ½ (Kickstarter, I want an apology)

Bombay Black

“Bullets and Booze”
Style (Rock)

Oh how joyous is my day when I come across CD artwork that’s 180° in the opposite direction from the sound, vibe, and title on the disc?  Bombay Black is another rock band using a Jack Daniels bottle to try and sell “their brand” of rock and roll.  Fortunate for them the use of Jack Daniels bottle as artwork is only “slightly” overused and a desperate plea for musical attention.  On a positive note I will give them credit for putting forth an attempt at trying to write catchy lyrics in hopes of getting something to stick.  However, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and these songs ain’t sticking.  Lyrically nothing resonates very long and I feel too much attention was given to recording fluffy clean vocals and high harmonies (ala 80’s hair metal) instead of letting something more natural and organic transpire.  A casualty of the overly produced vocals, are the buried guitar riffs.  If you listen closely you’ll hear the guitarist’s chops when he’s thrown a consolation bone, but it’s really sad his playing wasn’t allowed out in the front yard.  Playing through these songs I have to wonder where exactly is the selling of musical bullets and booze?  At the very least give us one song, just one, to sink our teeth into.

Rating 1 (more girlie-tini than Jack Daniels)

Chris Bickley

“Tapestry of Souls”
Style (Indie / Rock)

Oh hallelujah, a guitarist is keeping the instrumental CD alive!  I was getting worried the recycle bins at Amoeba were getting too low, but thankfully a reinforcement has arrived.  It’s been reported in the trades that CD sales are a bit flat.  After hearing this disc from Bickley, I’m gonna say sales are gonna remain flat.  Ripping guitar work is great in a solo or an audition, but boring as hell for entire songs on CD and even more painfully boring live.  I know there will be a certain amount of disagreement from guitar aficionados, but chicks don’t dig guitar shredding instrumental songs. Guitar shredding songs sound like crap cranked up cruisin’ down Melrose and the Sunset Strip, and unless the guitar shredding is being performed by Vai or Malmsteen, no dude is sticking around the club with their thumbs shoved up their ass to hear the complete set.  My disdain for guitar shredding CD’s aside, if the songs were good and the guitar shredding exhibited a unique style worth paying attention to, I’d at least give credit where credit is due.  However, I found the guitar playing and song writing hollow and uninspiring.  And as for the four songs with vocals, these are pointless loose leaf CD filler with bad vocals taking up mpeg recording space so why even bother.

Rating 1


“Oblivious To Ruin”
Style (Metal / Hardcore)

I’ve got three words for you – WTF?  Seriously, why even bother?  One plus, and it was hard finding one, is that the disc only has seven songs.  Other than that this is a complete throw away.  In a nutshell, this is a bore.  Each song has the same repetitive drone with the same chords, the same rhythms, the same pacing, and my favorite, the same howler monkey vocalizations.  I liken this to a mosquito bug zapper with that constant annoying hum because this stuff is annoying and exceptionally effective at killing a room full of unwanted house guests.  Heck, it may even keep bugs away during the BBQ.  Why this band chooses to use naked female imagery, other than to get looks, is beyond me because this stuff will repel any female from here to the moon.

Rating 0 (but there is a new bug zapper on the market)