PIRANHA Set To Release Highly-Anticipated New Record

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SoCal Hard Rockers PIRANHA Set To Release Highly-Anticipated New Record

Longtime SoCal rockers and personal All Access favorites PIRANHA (formerly Feisty Piranhas) are set to release a new album and dvd. We recently sat down with PIRANHA frontman Peter Alex Lust (PAL) about the excitement surrounding the new record, Peter’s dramatic weight loss and their upcoming show with seminal metal/rockers D.R.I. at the Ventura Theater October 5..

AAM: The Feisty Piranhas have morphed into PIRANHA. Why the band name change?

PAL: We have approached 2012 as a rebuilding year for the band, studio, and label that we run. Every year Feisty Piranhas grew as a band, both musically and personally, and the new record coming out is truly the biggest step forward for us so far. Piranha is a way to reinvent the image and sound of the band while keeping the same attitude and intensity that has always been a part of the Piranhas.

AAM: PIRANHA has a new album set to drop. Talk about some of the new songs on the disc?

PAL: The new record sounds amazing! It’s been a pleasure to work with Producer Ryan Greene in the Piranha Studios on this awesome project. It’s been a long time coming, We basically recorded the album twice. Once before Ryan got involved, and then once the Piranha team added Ryan, we decided to start from scratch and make an awesome record. We have done a great job of keeping info about the album including album title quiet so far, and we really want to surprise the world all at once with this record. What we will say is that there are twelve songs, including some that we have been playing live for a while now (Apologies, From Within, PCH). Dave Nassie of Bleeding Through and ex-No Use For A Name played lead guitar on several tracks, and really pushes the envelope for us and was a great addition in the studio. We also had El Hefe from NOFX play trumpet on a few songs, and we look forward to hopefully having both of them work with Piranha again in the future.

PIRANHAAAM: The music business and live music arena has changed drastically in the years your band has been together. What are some of the main changes you’ve observed?

PAL: The biggest change is how much honor and integrity has left the industry completely. There are some good people and companies in the industry, but as a whole there are bands and musicians constantly getting screwed over and screwing each other over. Live, pay to play is the way of the game in the LA area and California in general, and it really isn’t a fair way for bands to get on gigs, because you have the highest bidder playing the best shows and all the good bands with no money scrounging to play the Viper Room on a Monday night. It’s a sad state of affairs.

AAM: PIRANHA are Direct Support for thrash-metal mainstays D.R. I. at The Ventura Theater on October 5. How do you expect that night of mayhem to go down?

PAL: The show is gonna be slamming! DRI is a great live band, and we’re looking forward to thoroughly entertaining and rocking out with them. Ventura Theater is one of our favorite hometown venues, any show we play there is special, but this show will be extra special. We’re debuting a number of new songs from the record, and we’re filming a live DVD that the show will be a major part of. Come on out and be a part of the show, get crazy enough and we’ll make sure you get some film time in the DVD!

AAM: You’re a father-son band/music collaboration, playing in a band together, which is rare. How does that dynamic work when writing songs together, etc?

PAL:  It’s never been an easy situation, We both love music, being musicians, being family, and playing in a band together. With that said, it does get complicated mixing different relationships together, especially with something so personal such as music and song-writing. We are co-musicians, co-family members, band members, and friends. We all know that mixing a parent-child relationship with anything makes it more interesting. We’ve learned over the years to respect each other, and to respect each other’s space within the confines of the band, studio, and family life at home. If we weren’t great together at making it work, we wouldn’t still be together strong as ever. So we view it as a win!

AAM: What is PIRANHA’S Master Plan for worldwide success and musical domination? 🙂

PAL:  Networking, continuing to write great songs, playing strategic live shows, and refocusing the energy of the band to a very specific plan of world domination. We have gotten the Piranha studios up to commercial studio status, and are hard at work at several projects outside of the band Piranha that will help with our future success in this crazy music industry.

AAM: Anything you care to tell us that you’ve not shared with any other interviewer in the past?

PAL: Actually, something very noteworthy that hasn’t been talked about too much is my journey this past year. Over the last year, I had gastric bypass surgery and have lost 270 pounds so far. I was 475 lbs in July of 2011, and as of August of 2012, I’m 205 lbs. This has obviously slowed things down for the band as I’ve been focusing on my personal struggle, but has led to me looking and feeling like a brand new person, and definitely is reflected in the new image of Piranha. Also, we have finished tracking everything for the new record, and have the cover artwork available on the Piranha Music and Feisty Piranhas Facebook pages. You can also check it out at our website, www.PiranhaMusic.com. One of the new songs on the record is a nine minute epic ride that is heavier and crazier than anything you’ve ever heard from the band before. On the same record, is probably the most pop-oriented song that we’ve written and it’s amazing how with Producer Ryan Greene’s help, these 12 songs take you on an emotional ride that you’ll have to experience! Thanks for all the support, and we look forward to finishing mixing and mastering the record through the end of the year. Keep rocking guys!                                         https://www.facebook.com/peterlust3?ref=ts                              https://www.facebook.com/feistypiranhas?ref=ts