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Linkin Park

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Bristow, VA

After a year waiting for these guys to return to Virginia on tour,  Linkin Park opened their Honda Civic Tour on August 10, 2012 at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA.

Linkin ParkBefore the opening band took stage, they were playing videos showing the Honda Civic and Motorcycle that were designed for Linkin Park and would be given away on the tour.  They were also playing snippets of videos and displayed a crawler on the screen that was showing text messages sent by audience members, a lot of them were quite funny.

Finally, the opening band “MuteMath” took the stage and treated the crowd to a 7 song set including “Blood Pressure” and “Spotlight” to name a couple.  Their music is very instrumental; I’m not saying there is one thing wrong with that.   They don’t have much of a stage presence, when they aren’t switching instruments, they’re kinda stuck in one place on the stage and they didn’t engage the audience hardly at all.  No offense to the fans of this band, this is just my opinion.  This band didn’t excite me what so ever.  To me the best part was the last few minutes when they did a brief drum solo.  I for one was kind of glad when it was over.

Once again, while waiting for LP to take the stage, you were treated to the videos and text messages on the big screen.  I will mention here that when they cancelled their concert in DC last year, we were kind of bummed out because we were so looking forward to seeing them live and were so pleased to hear that they allowed us to be at this show tonight. I haven’t purchased the newest CD yet but I have heard a few of the songs from it and it seems to me that the music has changed a bit.  I am a fan on Linkin Park, don’t get me wrong, their music makes me blast my radio and scream and sing along with them.

Linkin ParkThe first moments of the show, Mr. Hahn came out on stage and started doing his DJ thing all the while you saw him as a thermal image on the jumbo screen.  After a few the rest of Linkin Park came out on stage and began the night with “With You”, “Fainted”, and one of my many favorites “Given Up”.  After which, Mike Shinoda addressed the crowd “Bristow, How you doin tonight?  Tonight is the first stop of the tour, we wanna say thank you guys for being here”.  The next song was off of the new album “Living Things”, called “Victimized”, during which Mike Shinoda tells the crowd to “get the fuck up” followed up with a mix of Lying From You and Papercut, which displayed one of the reasons I like their music so much, and that’s the mix of Mike Shinoda doing his thing with his rapping and Chester doing his thing with the screaming and rocking out.  The next song was another one of my favorites “Somewhere I Belong”.  The crowd seems to be coming more alive by this time; it seems the older songs seem to stir them more.  They performed “New Divide” the audience was almost as loud as Chester was on this one, and then came another song from the new album called “In My Remains” and “Empty Spaces/When They Come for Me”.  These were followed by “Waiting for the End”, “Breaking the Habit” after which Chester addresses the crowd “Thank You very much, I see some passionate people out here in the audience tonight, Thank You.  It’s an honor to play in front of such a great crowd like you guys, thank you so much”.  Then Mike says that before they start a tour their goal is to bring them something that’s not just fun but memorable and asks the crowd if they’ve ever been to a Linkin Park show and to make some noise.  Next up is a fantastic medley of “Leave Out All The Rest, Shadow of the Day”, and “Iridescent”.  Chester tells the audience that the guitar that he is playing is made of trash and that they are giving away ones that are signed at each concert on the tour, and that it’s called the “Green Guitar Project”.

Linkin ParkThey move on to play “the Catalyst”, “Burn it Down”, “In the End”, and “Numb”.  By this time a small mosh pit had started in the crowd on the floor, I wondered what took them so long honestly.  The next song “Bleed it Out” was started out by the crowd for at least the first couple of minutes and Mike Shinoda stopped mid-stream and listened at what he was hearing and just couldn’t believe it, so he said “Let’s try this again, and was again drowned out by the crowd on hand, in the middle they went into a little “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, and then back to the chorus of “Bleed it Out”.

At this time they took their leave of the stage and then came back for a three song encore that included “Lost in the Echo”, “What I’ve Done”, and “One Step Closer”.

Linkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkLinkin ParkThis was a great concert and was definitely worth waiting another year to see.   I think one of the reasons I like them so much is their mixture of rap and hard hitting rock/alternative music.  Like I said earlier, most of their songs are the type that makes you blast your radio, bang your head and sing along.  By the end of the show Chester was soaked and you could see it, but who wouldn’t be, he’s constantly moving around on stage, interacting with the audience and giving it everything he has, the same can be said for Mike, he’s a freaking master on the microphone.  They complement each other so much.

Linkin ParkIt was nice to see such a mix of ages in the crowd too, parents brought their kids and they were fist pumping and screaming right along with their kids.  Sometimes you couldn’t tell who was enjoying themselves more, the parents or the kids, which is great to see, cause my Dad or Mom wouldn’t have been caught dead at a concert with me.  I couldn’t see either of them at an Ozzy or Motley Crue concert anyway to tell you the truth.

I’m glad we here in VA got chosen as the tour opener and I definitely recommend seeing this tour if you haven’t already as Chester and Mike and all of Linkin Park deliver on their promise of giving the fans what they came to see.

I would like to send a big “Thank You” to 60 Cycle Media for allowing All Access Magazine the opportunity to be at the opening night of the tour, they were so awesome to deal with and as always the staff at Jiffy Lube Live for always treating us well when we come out to the venue to cover other shows.

Review by: Melissa Gibson
Photography by: Stephen Gibson Photography