L.A. Guns Drops In @ The House of Metal

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I once read that the music scene in Orange County California was not happening. That the Los Angeles / Hollywood scene and it’s bands are Where It’s At!

L.A. Guns

Tell that to the hundreds of people from all over SoCal that showed up to throw up their horns @ Malone’s Bar & Grill in Santa Ana, California first ever  “House Of Metal L.A. Guns show.” And the HOUSE did not disappoint!

With two stages that can accommodate several bands from all over the world without all that down time, loading time and no after taste. Bands like After Life, Snake Head, Avenging Grace & Gutter Boys could come in and warm up the already “We Want Our Rock N Roll Crowd!”

“Ask and they shall receive!”

Stonebreed from Hollywood, California stopped by and played some of their good ole nasty southern metal to an already packed house. Influenced by bands like Lynyrd Sknyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and Aerosmith. Carlos – vocals and the boys put on a Hard Rocking, Foot Stomping good time of a show. I have not seen Stonebreed for a long time and almost forgot how awesome they sounded while on stage. Look for more solid stuff from this band. Their next show is on 09/09 – The House Of Blues / Anaheim.       Photo By Stonebreed Also in the HOUSE was Divebomber a band that hails all the way from San Diego, California. Fronted by a full body painted lead singer called “NOMAD”,  Lead Guitarist “Cat Fish”, “PANE” Bass & Hard Hitting “Toad” on Drums, the band was hard to miss. When you first glance at this band your first reaction is “ Are You Kidding Me!”  “A Full Body Painted Lead Singer!” but DO NOT let these looks fool you.  Like they all say! “Never Judge a Book By it’s Cover.”  Because when they started playing “War Pigs” from the great (Black Sabbath) this crowed went into a frenzy Divebomber also covered songs from their just released new album “PINUPS IN PARACHUTES” Available now @ DIVERBOMBER.ORG. Divebomber with its funky metal sound and unique looks strive to become a band of the future by dropping it’s music knowledge on the people of this planet.

After Divebomber  “DROPPED THE BOMB!” on Malone’s main stage. The Hollywood Forever Boys of L.A. Guns came out and entertained the rowdy crowd with classics hits like. Never Enough, Wanna Be Your Man, Sex Action and off their new self titled album “Hollywood Forever.” Which is getting rave reviews. On Hollywood Forever, Phil Lewis and Steve Riley reunited with producer Andy Johns who worked on their previous albums “ Walking the dead, Rips The Covers Off and Tales From The Strip.” Which showed when they played some live tunes off the new album.  L.A Guns continues to stay on course with the same classic sleaze sound that had all the peeps @ Malones begging for more. Phil Lewis on vocals keeps getting better & better with age. Stacey Blades with his memorable riffs makes you forget all about the Traci Guns past. All though, I for one would love to see Traci Guns come out and jam with Phil. This would of made an already ROCKING night more eventful for me. Scotty Griffin on bass still knows how to bring it. And on drums since 1987 Mr. Steve Riley who never hits and misses when performing live with his Gunmates. Steve has been regarded as one of best solid drummers of his generation and it showed tonight with his performance on the skins.  To this day L.A. Guns will define the laws of Rock ‘N Roll physics with their brand of glam metal that never gets old.

I was very impressed with the House of Metal’s crew of Eddie Ignatius, Jackie Davis and Michael Cummings on how well they handle putting on this great show. Even after a topless lady ran onto the stage while Guns were performing. That actually was a bonus for us guys. HA! I only see bigger and better things coming out Malone’s Bar & Grill. With its No Pay to Play attitude , “Who’s says the Orange County Music Scene is dead!” Just ask all the young, old and new fans that went home happy.

Always Remember To Support  & Occupy!

Picture by The House Of Metal