Jeff Powers is The Real Thing.

Jeff PowersJeff PowersHe is a poet, troubadour, émigré returning home with tall tales and hard lived insights. This classically trained musician from Cleveland, Ohio cut his teeth for seven years in the back alleys of Mexico City, where he chose to use his blues based singer-songwriter and folk fusion to bare witness to his experience. From his rocked Hendrix like blues based guitar riffs and 60s references in “13 Seconds 67 Shots (Kent State Massacre)” to the Buffalo Springfield like “Gypsy Girl (Ode to Ani DeFranco),” to the folk simplicity of “Standing in the Rain.” the journey is well worth taking. One of my very favorite tunes and performances is the standard sounding “Ray of Hope,” and who hasn’t been there at sometime in their lives? This CD is not only for Blues fans, but should be treated like an alternative indie. A lot of folks should hear it! What it lacks in big label production, it makes up for in heart and soul.

Joey Alkes