ASIAGO “Going Somewhere?” EP

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Review by Scott Taylor

In Asiago’s ambitious EP “Going Somewhere”, there is a vast showcasing of musical aptitude. These guys have catchy and dark down to a tee. You’ll find that their style changes somewhat from song to song. The opening track has no vocals, and merely sets the tone for an atmospheric romp that is a success at times, but other times, sadly, it is not.

There is a literal pattern to this EP. Asiago seems to blatently jump from upbeat to down trodden, then back to happy, then sad again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a harsh criticism, as these guys are masters of their instruments. There is no shortage of clever riffs, tight drums or pulsing basslines.

The vocals are very melodic and well delivered. The singer actually reminds me of Brian Molko from Placebo. I happen to be a fan of Placebo, and the comparison (from my standpoint) is a true compliment.

For a six piece band, I really did have some expectations that weren’t quite met. These moments were during the more upbeat songs, where in certain areas they could have passed for a quartet or a trio. In my personal opinon, a six piece should utilize their musicians to their fullest potential.

This criticism is DEFINITELY not directed to songs like “Exposed” and “Ghostwriter”. In these two grand tracks (both passing the six minute mark) the sensibilities of this six piece are strong and prominent. With a wide expanse of strings and orchestral feels, as well as some wonderful arpeggios and trippy delays with chorus from the guitarists, I found myself cheering by the end of the EP, because songs like Ghostwriter are downright timeless.

I would love to see what happens when Asiago releases their next two EPs (Which should happen over the course of the next year). It has been said that the band will pick and choose the standout tracks from all three EPs and compile them into a full length album.

So, with much respect to the Asiago boys, my vote is for “Exposed” and “Ghostwriter.” These are my among my new favorite songs in music altogether. Good job, guys.

I give Asiago “Going Somewhere?” a Seven out of Ten.