Search for the Hidden Gem (2012 – vol# 9)

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Happy dance!!  It’s back to school for the kiddies!!


“Hit and Run Revisited”
Style (Rock)

Celebrating their 30 year anniversary with a rejuvenated re-recording of their 1981 gold record release, Girlschool is back on the scene.  I’m not thrilled about artists re-recording their “hit” record, because to be honest there are many bands I don’t ever want to hear again so I’m hoping this trend isn’t contagious, but what I’m hearing from Girlschool I’m diggin’.  I grew up with 80’s hair metal and I remember Girlschool because they were four chicks rockin’ out amongst all the guyliner, aquanet hairspray, and stuffed spandex from their male counterparts.  I’ve had too many tequila shots since the 80’s to recall anything about the 1981 recording so a comparison is out of the question and really wouldn’t be fair.  However, what I can say about the new 2011 re-recording is that it has a raw and aggressive edge with plenty of energy and attitude.  And it doesn’t sound like the years have reduced the musicianship either because the girls perform brilliantly.  Having heard the new re-recording I can’t think of a better way for an 80’s hair metal band that wasn’t overplayed by MTV and radio to reintroduce themselves to their old fans and pick-up some new fans in the process.

Rating 3 (R.I.P. Kelly Johnson (guitarist) who died in 2007 from spinal cancer.)

The Doggs

“Red Sessions”
Style (indie / rock)

I’m really diggin’ this controlled distortion of electronic chaos from this Italian band.  The mood is dark and grungy with the quality of soft-core Marilyn Manson, Wes Cravens, Lost Boys, grindhouse Tarantino, and a Salton Sea drive-in.  For a trippy experience put this CD on in the dark with deep red light illumination, Absinthe, and tripped out silhouette images projected on the wall.  Not the CD for every occasion or every venue but it definitely struck a nerve with me.

Rating 3

Bleeding Horse Express

“Going South”
Style (Country / Blues / Folk)

I love it when bands hit the nail on the head with the band name and CD title.  After listening to these 12 tracks I concur that this truly is a bleeding horse express going south.  Except for track 9 (“Now That I’m Gone”) there aren’t any other songs lingering around giving the impression that maybe, just maybe, it’ll improve.  The CD is a hodgepodge of energy resembling the consistency of Netflix’s stock price – it’s up, nope it’s down, it’s up again, nope it’s tanking.  If given the option of listing to this plodding uninspiring musical gem or hitchhiking through the Copper Mountains in Mexico with the Tarahumara barefoot in 100 degree heat I’m getting my thumb warmed up.  Vocally the male singing is somewhat serviceable but not great.  The payoff vocally though is the female vocal which is so horrendous it could be sold by Cabela’s or Basspro as a varmint repellent – guaranteed to scare off any unwanted critters within ear shot.  I only wish I possessed a hearing range that would block out such a vocal atrocity.

Rating 1 (only cus’ I liked track 9)

Led By The Blind

Style (Rock / Hardcore)

Oh thank goodness another band has come to the rescue delivering their brand of hardcore Linkin’ Park’ish style drivel.  I for one was hoping the mix of howler monkey growling and sung vocals hadn’t gone way of the dodo bird.  My days just aren’t complete if I didn’t get to revel in the musical endowment of a band with incoherent grumblings, some decipherable lyrics with the built in trade off being lyrics without substance or content, a song structure that’s making me dizzy, and as a whole package about as much musical appeal as an unplanned PSA test.

Rating ½ (the band name says it all)