Interview With Le Reverie

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Interview With Le Reverie Front Person/Vocalist, Allie Jorgen

Le Reverie

New female-fronted Goth Rock Metal band Le Reverie release their long awaited debut album, “Dark Symphony.” This twelve-song record is an amazing combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock. The first pressing of the album will also include a free DVD of their Gothic Video Single of the song “Hold Me Down” and will be a Limited Edition only.

“Dark Symphony” will take you on an amazing journey – from the symphonic musical elegance of “La Naissance;” and the dark, heavy/progressive title track, “Dark Symphony;” to the tender ballad “Ghost Of You” and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself, “Raven.”

Le Reverie has been glowingly referred to as a combination of Dream Theater and Evanescence. Martin Howell of POWER PLAY MAGAZINE in the UK says,  “Musically Le Reverie remind you of Evanescence…. tracks of well-played, well-sung and well-produced hard rock.” Dave Attrill from METALLIVILLE, UK’s Finest Rock and Metal Webzine says – “Le Reverie are like a girl-fronted Dream Theater…they are impressive.”

All Access Magazine Publisher Debra Stocker (AAM) recently sat down with Le Reverie front person Allie Jorgen (AJ) to discuss the band’s new album and more.

Le Reverie

AAM: How and when did Le Reverie first form?

AJ: The idea first came to me when I was in a club and saw this amazing piano/keyboard player. The band was playing cover songs, and then the piano player played some of his originals.  They were so unique and had such a beautiful ethereal quality that I knew my vocals, lyrics and melodies would fit his writing style perfectly. I approached him on his break and talked to him about starting a Gothic rock band, and he liked the idea. We both knew the same Drummer and Guitar player and Le Reverie was born.

AAM: What was it that appealed to you about Goth Rock that led to your decision to create music in that genre?

AJ: The imagery and pictures that Goth Rock creates are a lot of the same pictures and images in my head and a way for me to express my feelings about things going on around me. One of the feelings is of being on the outside looking in and the feeling of being an outsider and not really fitting in, and also seeing the world as a dream state.  Some of my feelings were not light and happy and maybe considered a little dark, so Goth Rock was the perfect fit. I have been approached by many people telling me that they feel the same way and see things the same way. It is a way to connect with them through the music.

AAM: Let’s talk about the songs on your forthcoming CD, “Dark Symphony.” Is there an overall theme to the record?

AJ: Dark Symphony is a collection of thoughts and emotions that I have been going through, orchestrated and put together beautifully by the band.  The world at large has not been in a very happy place lately and I think that reflects in all of our lives. A very wise person said that it is ok to feel and experience sad thoughts and feelings, not to hold them inside, life is not always sugar-coated. So that created a freedom for me to reach out and express some of the feelings and experiences that were going on with me personally and in the world and to pass on the message that it is ok to feel. Dark Symphony was born. Dark Symphony is about feelings, good and bad. You should not have to hold your feeling inside.

AAM: You made a video for “Hold Me Down” off the new album. Talk about that experience.

AJ: Our first music video was a really great experience.  We had an amazing team. The Director and I met and talked about the song “Hold Me Down” and he was able to put a whole new perspective on the song that I had not really thought of before. I originally wrote the song about the people who told us not to start a Goth Rock band and told us that we should choose a different style of music, i.e. pop, etc. But we wanted to start a Goth Band and I decided that nobody was going to “Hold Me Down” so the song really went out to the Naysayers. But when I met Kristopher (our Director), he saw the song differently, he said what about our own internal demons, the voices in our head that hold us all back, maybe you are struggling with your own self. I thought that was such great insight and he created an entire visual based on his interpretation. He found the perfect old mansion (used as a haunted house in many movies) and we spent an entire day from 7 AM to 12 midnight creating his vision.  I think Kristopher and his team did an amazing job.  We just released the video on youtube –

AAM: “Hold Me Down” also won a Los Angeles Music Award in 2010 for ‘Breakout Single Of The Year.” How did that come to pass?

AJ: When we first started the band, The Mysterious “O,” our piano player and I along with our drummer and guitar player created this song to let the opposition know that we were going to move forward with our plans to start a Goth Rock Band. The song “Hold Me Down” was created as a demo and we sent the demo to the L.A. Music Awards, because we really believed in the song, and it was nominated for “Breakout Single of the Year.” Later that year after the EP was released we won the award for “Breakout Single of the Year” and were presented the award on the Red Carpet of the L.A. Music Awards at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, CA.  What a great experience!

AAM: How did Le Reverie get to work with one of the biggest music producers in the business, Ron Nevison?

AJ: After our song was nominated for “Breakout Single of the Year” by the LA Music Awards, the Producer of the LA Music Awards, Al Bowman, knew we were also looking for someone to produce our new EP and introduced us to Ron Nevison. Ron really liked our song, and we started on plans to put our 3-song EP together.  Working with Ron was amazing, as he has worked with so many different bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who and Heart just to name a few.  He is able to pull the very best performance out of everyone, and our 3-song EP, Truth & Lies, was created.

AAM: What’s the best gig Le Reverie has ever played? The worst gig?

AJ: We really appreciate the people who like our music, and we always really like doing our live performances. There may sometimes be a small glitch in the sound or the time schedule of the venue, but overall so far we have really enjoyed all of our shows, so I don’t really have a favorite show or least favorite. We like reaching out to our current Le Reverie friends and making new ones. We have some interesting and exciting shows coming up, please stayed tuned to our website for all the details!

AAM: Allie, your vocals have often been compared to Amy Lee from Evanescence. Do you agree with this comparison?

AJ: Amy Lee is a great singer and songwriter, and I am flattered by the comparison.

AAM: Are there plans to tour after “Dark Symphony” is released?

AJ: Yes, we definitely have plans to tour to support Dark Symphony. We have a couple of different booking agents working on that now.  We are excited to be able to share Dark Symphony with everyone and we have some great ideas for the live shows.

AAM: Where do you want Le Reverie to be, career-wise, five years from now?

AJ: We are really exited with the release of Dark Symphony and our music mideo, and the overall message from Le Reverie is that “everyone should follow their dream” and we would like to be able to share that message with everyone worldwide.  We are excited to focus on the current release and the current tour and encourage everyone to follow their dreams, because you never know where they will lead.  We would also like to have the ability to reach out and help people, to be able to give back to others. We would like to get a song on a movie soundtrack one day, and continue doing what we love to do.  Many thanks to All Access for giving musicians and artists a chance to get their music out to everyone!