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HeadroomHeadroom is damn proud to hail from Phoenix, AZ, and of all the music and artists, past and present, that have come out of Phoenix. So proud, in fact, they’re making a documentary about it. HEADROOM   Announces Video Documentary Dedicated To Chronicling   The Diverse Music Scene in Phoenix, Both Past And Present

(PHOENIX, AZ) – What do Meat Puppets, Gin Blossoms, George Lynch, Soulfly, Flotsam And Jetsam, Megadeth, Jimmy Eat World, The Refreshments, and Local H have in common? These are some of the storied music acts to emerge from Phoenix through the years; Phoenix rock band HEADROOM is on a mission to interview each and every one of them for a documentary about the enduring Phoenix music scene to be released before year’s end. Also being interviewed are numerous area club owners and bookers, as well as Phoenix Music Awards founder, Al Bowman.

“Phoenix has produced a lot of solid music talent through the years, but it’s generally overshadowed by L.A. or Seattle, so we decided to tell the story about the music scene here – to remember the past and spotlight the future the best way possible – in the words of the musicians themselves,” explains HEADROOM drummer, Gavin Washburn. Adds guitarist Dan Buitron, “the project is full steam ahead…a lot of people we have interviewed thus far are excited!”

Bands, promoters, deejays, bookers, and others involved in the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale/Glendale/Yuma live music scene wishing to be considered for an interview should email the band at: headroommusic@hotmail.com.

HEADROOM released a debut album “Radio Cries” last Fall to solid media response.

“Strong rhythmic guitar chords and incredibly executed drum beats…much like a good book, Radio Cries utilizes introductions and conclusions and keeps excessive wording to a minimum. Many surprises lie within this eccentric album.”  ARIZONA STATE PRESS

“A quirky (and I mean that in the most positive, complimentary way) band, they have taken the musical influences of all the band members, added their own creativity to the amalgam, creating  a signature Headroom sound. The result is a Cd that is a lot of fun to listen to while making the listener a devout headroom fan.”  BOOMEROCITY

“Local alternative rockers sound like their music sensibilities were formed at a Lollapalooza concert in the early ’90’s…back up the grunge-era snarling with with arrangement that occasionally introduce a hint of prog to the equation.” ARIZONA REPUBLIC

“Radio Cries has killer hooks and dynamic hard rock arrangements…musicianship is cohesively tight and mind-expanding…far-reaching melody lines and cool alt-rock arrangements.  A force to be reckoned with.” GUITARZ FOREVER

“The basic concepts in order for a band to capture an audience requires the ability to demonstrate a dominating stage presence, have the look to attract all walks of life and of course, have the ability to produce a mind-blowing musical product that draws your full attention. These basic concepts seem to come easy to Phoenix band, Headroom.”


“Radio Cries is wonderful…each song has a little vignette that goes along with it to help tell the story contained in each of the songs…musicianship is stellar and they have gone above and beyond what many may expect of a rock album. Has instant classic written all over it.” ROCK OVER AMERICA

“Interesting collection of songs….title track reminds me somewhat of Rush, with hard-hitting drums and vocals. A CD worth purchasing.”    ROCK THIZ MAGAZINE  “Headroom is an intoxicating rock ‘n’ roll elixir where mingling swanky Southern blues rock with sophisticated modern rock grooves is the name of the game.”  ROCKWIRED   HEADROOM Interviews, Review CDs, And Show Passes Available On Request.