GUMSHEN – Everything What We Recorded

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How would you describe Seattle’s Gumshen? That’s a good question. At first they sound like pop/rock, but it doesn’t take long for their progressive rock, funk, electronic, and garage rock influences to take over. “Their new album “Everything What We Recorded” is an undeniably ambitious release showing both songwriting discipline and an unbridled sense of musical adventure. Album opener “Hammer & Nails” dishes out contemporary wisdom with an extremely catchy/poppy arrangement that will get your head bobbing without question. “Too Much Good Times” rocks harder, taking on a more punk rock influence, and the eccentricity is starting to show.

“Jag it Up” is where things really get strange in the best possible way, and within about 10 seconds you can tell that this is the song that’s going to stick with people. Like Devo jamming with Arcade Fire (?), there is something undescribably addictive about this track. It ends and you listen again. When was the last time you could say that? After the main part of the song is over, with it’s funk/rock/pop mastery, the band slow the tempo for about 4 minutes of straight progressive rock that would make King Crimson proud.


“Gooch Machine” funks things up like early Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not many bands bring out the slap bass with such efficiency, and the song screams personality. There are more surprises on the album, with the intensely emotional ballad “Every Drop of Rain”, and the dance-able “Say What You Want”, which even features rapping. Yes, rapping. This is an adventurous band, and it’s commendable. It all works.

Gumshen is a great listen for fans of King Crimson, Devo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moby, Pink Floyd, and…the list goes on.