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EndAnd are a rock/”noise rock” band from Brooklyn, New York made up of Daniel Fern on vocals and guitar, Bill Fitzgerald on bass and vocals, and Mike Morales on drums. If their new album “Adventures of Fi in Space” sounds slightly schizophrenic, that’s intentional, as it’s a compilation of two previous EP’s, one “Hi-Fi” and one “Lo-Fi”. Underground punk and rock fans will love what they’ve done here with a combination of well-produced and demo material being presented. After all, the genres this band is catering to are not looking for homogenized rock.

“Far in Between” might make you think you’re dealing with a pop band, but as the album continues, you realize it’s just smart pop sensibility. Much like their heroes Nirvana, EndAnd know how to put a solid song together and still make a racket. “Commando” is possibly it’s evil twin, with raspy, screaming vocals and full-bore guitars of pure sludge. The rhythm section is extremely tight. Think early Helmet. There is a lot to dig into here. “Death Song” recalls the Hives and the Stooges, with it’s catchy and aggressive lo-fi punk. “Labor Force” is pure Guided by Voices and Fugazi; it’s a strange direction that once again flexes the band’s songwriting muscle.

“Adventures of Fi in Space” is a solid and interesting effort from a young band making a beautiful noise.