STONEBREED, Los Angeles base rock band with a southern taste.

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I talk with lead singer Carlos Bates Cruz on what is happening with this new band.


Craig Newman/All Access Magazine (AAM)- When was the band formed?

Carlos Bates Cruz (CBC)- Around September or October 2009. And first show was at Paladino’s.

AAM- What does the name mean?

CBC- We went through many names and had a contest on My Space where people sent suggestions. One of the names was STONEBREED and we Googled it and no info. So we thought about it and the stone is a rock. Our type of music is almost a dying breed of hard rock with the 80’s southern flare to it and a cool name to it.  A stone is rock and we are different breed so that is name we came up with (laughter).  Not a lot of bands playing our type of music which is a breed of stone (laughter).

AAM- That is good to, that is fresh and keeps it alive too.

AAM- You are working on debut album?

CBC- We are finishing the mastering of it.

AAM- When do you expect to release it by? Have chose a title?

CBC- We are just calling it STONEBREED for first album.  The mastering is being done artist Matthew Masterson who also working on our art and cd cover.  And will probably release it at the end of July with a release party at Crue fest.  This will be for sale on our own label and looking for major distribution as well.


AAM – You working hard and playing many shows here at various Southern California venues and opening for many artists. Hopefully one of the major labels /distributors will sign you. Also inquire for Europe and Asia distribution too. I worked for music distributor to Asia during the 80’s.

AAM- Who writes the songs for the band??

CBC- It is a collaboration effort though I am the main song writer for the lyrics. Some of the songs for the album I wrote acoustic guitar.

AAM The band performs all over Southern California.  Any shows planned away from So Cal?


 CBC – Yes, occasionally we will perform at Phoenix and Las Vegas.  We are waiting for the record to be done and get some funds to hook up with friends and do some touring and inquire about European tour too.

AAM- Some bands has a trademark logo that catches the eye. To me is your hat, and who designed it?

CBC- (Laughter) I have a lot people tell me that. And coming from Texas and I have long hair so when on stage performing, I like to wear a hat so the hair don’t get in my face.

AAM- Carlos thanks for your time and will see at a show again taking photo’s.

CBC- Welcome bro! Thanks for your support   and on  FaceBook.