Radio Fallout

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Radio Fallout

Immediately upon hearing Radio Fallout, you think rock, but not of the homogenized Nickelback/Creed variety. It’s dirtier and more purposefully unpolished a la White Stripes, Nirvana, and Local H. It’s a commendable path to follow in a time when most bands seem to be shying away from a little feedback. The material on their new release “Vox e Tenebris”, although it calls Nirvana to mind musically, heads in a different path lyrically and mood-wise, opting for a less heavy handed or poetic approach. This is more of a noisy, party rock band, and there’s certainly a place for both.

Standout tracks from the album include the two openers, “I Want To Be Alright” and “Lux e Tenebris”. “I Want To Be Alright” is the clear single. It has a sense of freedom and effortlessness to it. While the lyrics may leave something to be desired for some, this is destined to be a radio hit, and to be fair, it’s rock and roll with true abandon. It also breaks some rules of traditional radio with it’s noisier tones and looser playing. “Lux e Tenebris” has an almost reggae flair and instantly comes across as having a bit more depth. Artists like Thrice come to mind. Emotional and catchy.

Nirvana fans will find another “hats off” track to dig into with “Wishing Well”, with it’s chorus somewhat reminiscent of “Lithium”. Well written and hard hitting. “Heir” takes on an almost Americana feel, and it’s a good vibe for the band, showing versatility.

“Vox e Tenebris” is an impressive effort from a hard working band. Be sure to catch Radio Fallout on tour in the U.S this Summer.