Monks Of Mellonwah – NEUROGENESIS

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Monks Of Mellonwah - NEUROGENESIS

Monks of Mellonwah are one of those bands you wonder why you hadn’t heard of before – they have all the markings of a world class rock band; dynamic songwriting, masterful production, and a ton of buzz surrounding their name. Listening to their sophomore EP entitled “Neurogenesis”, the buzz factor becomes a given, an obvious fact. The title track has a dark feel infused with an almost spiritual energy. There’s a drive to the music that goes beyond the scope of what the lyrics openly explain and some stunning guitar work that you normally wouldn’t expect from such a young outfit. Vocalist Will Maher is probably most similar to singers like Brandon Boyd of Incubus, distinctly alternative rock, yet full of soul and clear intent.

“Neverending Spirit” is the lead single from the EP, and it ups the spiritual feel of the album, adding more beauty and layers to the music, as the lyrics deal with family connections and the concept of everlasting life. Even for those whose tastes lie on harder edged or more progressive rock, the songwriting here is extremely disciplined, and the messages are expressed with serious intent behind them.

“Kyoto” gets the Black Keys/Chili Peppers treatment from the Monks, as they hone the skills shown in their 2010 debut and show they can still get upbeat and funky, albeit with a heavier message this time around. An album of this type of material would be a great direction for the band.

“You Shine” is an easy track to write off without really sinking your teeth into, but that would be a mistake. In fact, it’s kind of a daring outing for an EP closer. They’re really giving the proverbial “hats off” to some of their idols such as Pink Floyd, and the gang vocals/chanting throughout the songs finale achieve, if not a completely epic finish, an enjoyable one.

With the Monks of Mellonwah’s name popping up just about everywhere in 2012 and more awards coming their way most likely, they could very well end up being one of Australia’s biggest music exports before long.