Flesh On Fire: Addicted To A Dream

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Donnie Faught

“Flesh On Fire: Addicted To A Dream” is a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on an intimate roller coaster of pain and joy as actor Donnie Faught climbs his way out of the backwoods of Arkansas to success in the City of Angels. Along this journey, passionate (and volatile) relationships are ignited, but some are agonizingly sacrificed, all for the ultimate dream of making it on the big screen. Faught’s unwavering determination to succeed in an industry that swallows people whole and spits them out broken, is a testament to his burning passion that refuses to be extinguished. Film Director and Editor: Benjamin Ironside Koppin Film Excutive Producers: Donnie Faught and Benjamin Ironside Koppin Film Producers: Benjamin Ironside Koppin, Donnie Faught, Kristin Koppin and Matthew John Koppin FORMS: Documentary, Experimental, Feature GENRES: Alternative, Family, Drama, Educational, Underground, Coming of Age , Cult, Independent, Road Trip, Urban, Reality, Docu-Drama, Culture, Art, Spiritual, Social Issue, Health/Medical, Biography NICHES: Student, Youth/Teen, Mature/Adult

Interview by Debra Stocker

This is my first interview with an actor, and I am honored that Donnie Faught agreed to let All Access Magazine be among the first to tell the world about his new documentary; “Flesh on Fire: Addicted To A Dream” a Radical Humility Production / Ironside Productions.

AAM: Thanks for agreeing to interview with AAM, Please can you tell us a little about the film, and what’s behind the making of “Flesh on Fire: Addicted To A Dream?”

Donnie Faught

(DF): The film is about what one has to sacrifice in this life to follow one’s dreams. Those dreams may be to work in a post office, to drive a school bus, or even to fly a spaceship to Mars. In my case, the dream was to become a working actor in a business that is absolutely brutal. So the story follows me an actor, but it’s a human piece. A piece to inspire all who once had a dream, a bright flame, but somewhere along the way somebody put it out. The film was made to help people to keep their flame alive and follow their dreams at all costs. To simply live the life they were meant to live. Not the life others choose for them. It’s very clear in the film that I’m not perfect. I’m very flawed just like everyone else. I decided to use everything I am, especially my flaws to help inspire people.

Donnie FaughtThe idea came to me a few years back when the economy started taking a dive and people, including myself, starting losing homes and property. At the time I was newly divorced, in pain, and mentally in a fog. I was in disbelief at what the country and I were going through. So to comfort myself I started watching lots of documentaries. There is something really special about documentaries. I began to really relate to a lot of them.  And I was learning something about myself with each and every one I would watch. I began watching twelve to fifteen documentaries a week. Most of them seemed to have a little glimmer of hope in them. That is exactly what I needed at the time. So I began to really do some soul searching and reflect on my on life. I had always filmed myself–my home life and acting career alike. So as I got to looking, I had over ninety hours of film footage. So I thought why not make a documentary. Now all I needed was a great film director. Someone who had the same kind of style I had. I had worked with a director, named Benjamin Ironside Koppin, a few years earlier in a short film, who I thought was absolutely amazing. I put in a call to him and explained that I wanted to make a documentary that is a cross between the documentary “Tarnation” and the movie “Requiem For A Dream.” He thought it over and not to long after, he began shooting more footage and “Flesh On Fire: Addicted To A Dream” began. Benjamin also edited the film. So we ended up going through over a hundred hours of footage that goes way back to when I was a sophomore at Western Grove High School in Arkansas.

AAM: How long did it take you to produce the film?

DF: I brought the director on board two years ago, but I started it a year before that. So it has taken three years to get the film finished.

AAM:  Have you had any premieres or showings?

DF:  We had our first showing of the film at Laemmle Theatres, 9036 Wilshire blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211. This was not the premier. It was just a showing to get feedback from the audience. We got their feedback and we cut about ten minutes from the film. We also had a few small showings for friends and family to get more feedback. There are also six webisodes that will go along with the feature film. So lots of footage, lots of feedback.   AAM: What formats was the film shot on? DF: The film was shot on HDV, Mini DV and 8mm. The film is shot in color and black and white, and the Sound Format: Video Stereo (Dolby SR Dolby Digital) On the music end… Music In “Flesh On Fire: Addicted To A Dream”




“DIRTY STAIN” Written and Performed by Echo Echo Courtesy of Echo Echo Taken from the Good Morning(Single) weareechoecho.com

“MAIN TITLES1” “BACKWOODS” “DOCMASTER0914” “ACTING REAL DARK” “ALONECHRISTMASMSTR” “101511 ENDCREDITSMSTR” Written and Performed by Beau Trembly Used courtesy of Beau Trembly http://www.facebook.com/onbeinghuman

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AAM: What is your official release date?

DF: If everything goes as planned, October 2012. It has been such a long road to get to this point. I’m so happy to finally share this film with the world.

AAM: Do you have any regrets on choice of career?

DF: No. Not even with all the pain that came from following my dreams, I have no regrets. At some point I second guessed myself as most do. To clear this up in my head, I asked myself one simple question. Would I do this profession for the rest of my life for free? I thought long and hard and I answered yes. Then I asked myself “why.” That would force my brain to point out all the great things I love about my profession, which would instantly enforce my passion. Keep my “Flame” alive if you will.

AAM: So a lot of filmmakers like to get the fans really involved with their film. Is this something you guys have thought about?

DF: For sure. We really want this film to touch and inspire a lot of people. And we want our fans to be a big part of that inspiration. So we are setting it up so that they can do that in a couple of ways. First we are creating an internet channel (on YouTube), so fans can post a one minute clip of themselves, telling the world what they are “Flesh on Fire” for. Second we are encouraging those who purchase the film on DVD to have mini screening parties at their homes for friends and family. They can then take lots of pictures and email them to me at my personal email: actordonniefaught@gmail.com and we will post them on the official film blog site. I will even try to attend some of those home screening parties if invited.

AAM: So what’s next for Donnie Faught? Do you have anything you would like to add to this interview?

DF: Well, I will be spending a good part of this next year promoting and screening the film. I will try and squeeze in some acting gigs as well. I’m currently looking for a movie script to produce and star in that is a cross between “Rain Man” and “I Am Sam.” Other than that I will try and take care of myself. I tend to be a workaholic, so my weekends end up being mostly work and less play. I realize if I don’t take care of myself no one will. Which brings me to this: I want people to know that there is only one person who will always truly take care of, and believe in them…who will always have their backs…who will never leave them in their darkest hours. That person is themselves. So treat yourself well. Love yourself and just as importantly be your authentic self. Be “Flesh on Fire” for life. Follow your dreams…follow your dreams. I believe in you.  

For a complete list of cast members, See Official websites www.fleshonfirethemovie.com www.donniefaught.com Specs For Film: Official Film Website:  www.fleshonfirethemovie.com Official Film Blog:  www.fleshonfire.wordpress.com Official Film Facebook Site:   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flesh-On-Fire/123217681027973 Official Film Twitter Site:   http://twitter.com/#!/FleshonFireFilm

All Access Magazine wishes Donnie Faught continess success with his career! Keep following your dreams Donnie!!