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FallsStart is a punk/alternative rock trio in the vein of acts like Paramore, Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday, and they demonstrate a balanced blend of artistry and pop punk fun/attitude on their new advance release EP “Our Summer”, which is due out August 10 from Blue Pie Records. “Heir to the Throne” possibly best displays the band’s knack for progressive dynamics, with a dirty, driving guitar tone and unique, dynamic chord choices providing the template and separating their songwriting from their contemporaries.

The vocals are part emo, part pop punk, part rock, but they don’t come off sounding like any other band in particular. Between the harmonies and the earnest approach, they suit the music just fine and lead the way theme-wise. Rhythm-wise, the band are more interesting than most…fills and ear candy everywhere but it’s tasteful – this is a tight trio. “Happy Song” is better than you’d expect, with a ton of musicianship displayed within the confines of what is essentially a love song.

“Carnivale” finds FallsStart at what is possibly their most catchy – this would be a solid single, and a nice life metaphor to boot. “Greed” could have been a token political song, but the guys focus on the songwriting here, and the results are actually very catchy. The meaning is more of a side bonus. “Our Summer” delivers what the title suggests – feel good, radio rock. The chorus may come off a bit cheesy for some, but that’s a stylistic choice. Speeding up once again for the EP’s closer “Glass”, the musicianship gets more interesting, and the subtle harmonies give a darker, more emotional feel.

“Our Summer” is a solid punk/alternative release from a very promising new band. Be sure to catch FallsStart on their 2012 tour dates.