Dave Widow and The Line Up

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Great Guitar + Soulful Singing + World-Class Musicians =

Dave Widow and The Line Up


“Dave Widow has put together a great lineup of musicians for this new CD, Waiting For The World To End. One of my favorite songs, ‘Piss You Off,’ like a lot of the new recording, has a heavy dose of Soul /R&B stirred in to the blues stew. We’ve all been there…we’ve all done that. This song plays out a slice of every-man’s life. Dave uses his vocals to express his pain and plays some stinging guitar riffs to make his point.”

BMANS BLUES REPORT Neither flashy nor egotistical, Dave Widow doesn’t necessarily fit the parameters of what might be your prototypical Los Angeles-based guitarist, circa 2012. And that, of course, is a good thing – because as any musician (or true music lover) knows, substance trumps sizzle any day of the week, especially when it comes to playing the most high-profile instrument in music, the guitar. Keep this in mind when listening to the fourteen quality tracks that populate Widow’s brand-new independent release, Waiting For The World To End. Dave’s humor, droll and tongue-in-cheek, is on display in both the CD’s cover art (on his throne, horns on head, suitably smoked out and whimsically attired…waiting on the world to end), and in the album’s title (which refers to the predicted end of all life foretold by the Mayan Calendar).

Dave Widow and The Line Up

One true indication of a musician’s worth is the level of fellow musicians that will both play and record with you. Not only did Widow co-produce Waiting For The World To End with noted drummer Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt), he also enlisted the talents of several A-List musicians – including keyboardist/vocalist Bill Champlin (Sons of Champlin, ex-Chicago); bassist Reggie McBride (Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Keb Mo’); organist Mike Finnigan (Bonnie Raitt, Crosby Stills & Nash, Rod Stewart); drummer James Gadson (Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Quincy Jones); and pianist Barry Goldberg (Electric Flag, Chicago Blues Reunion Band), to name a few. Several of the aforementioned musicians regularly perform as “Dave Widow And The Lineup” at his L.A. gigs; with players like those by his side, its easy to see why Dave Widow And The Lineup were nominated for “Musical Act Of The Year” by the 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards. In his own words,

Waiting For The End Of The World “runs the gamut of the music spectrum – from Funk, R&B, and Rock, to Roots, Americana, and Blues.” Adds Widow, “some of the tracks are brand new, conceived during the course of the recordings for the album, and some are older tunes, that are now seeing the light of day.” Dave describes some of the record’s songs: “One of my new songs is called “Piss You Off” and I think that needs little explanation. “Picture Of You” is a melancholy song about remembering a lost love, via an old photo I found, on a rainy afternoon, and it’s an Americana/dreamy-sort of tune. “Leave A Piece Of Me” was written about an old girlfriend who broke my heart.” Waiting For The End Of The World is now available on I-Tunes, CD Baby and Amazon.com.