A Moment with Titans Eve

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A Moment with Titans Eve

Photos by Titans Eve

Titans Eve has been tearing up the metal scene in Canada since 2008 when brothers Brian (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Gamblin (guitar/backup vocals) decided to start their own musical project. They completed the lineup with the recruitment of Jesse Hord (bass) and Casey Ory (drums), and the Vancouver-based band set out to create honest, powerful modern metal. I had the great pleasure of talking with Kyle Gamblin a little bit about the band.

 All Access Magazine (AAM) : Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Maximum Threshold.

Kyle Gamblin: No Problem, thanks for having us.

AAM: First of all, your new album “Life Apocalypse” came out July 13. What are your thoughts and feelings about the album at this point?

Kyle: We’re very excited and happy with how it turned out. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.

AAM: What can the fans expect from “Life Apocalypse” that they didn’t get from “The Divine Equal”? Can you please elaborate what differences and similarities there are between the two albums.

Kyle: Fans are going to get the same band, just a faster and meaner version of us. Life Apocalypse is overall a more aggressive album.

AAM: Could we see a North American tour following the release of “Life Apocalypse”?

Kyle: We’re hitting the road on two tours we booked in Canada. The first one is with Anvil and the second one is Kill Devil Hill. Tours start at the end of July and go to the end of August.

AAM: For those that is not familiar with Titans Eve. Could you please fill them in on what Titans Eve is all about?

Kyle: Titans Eve is about honest, powerful, melodic metal. We write from the heart to convey certain emotions.

AAM: What was it like playing on the same stage as Korn? Did you take anything from this experience?

Kyle: Playing with Korn was amazing. We got a taste of arena gigging. It’s a memory we will never forget.

AAM: I see that you are set to start a Canadian tour with Anvil, will this be your first time touring with Anvil and what if any other bands have you shared the stage with?

Kyle: This will be the first time playing with Anvil. It’s an honor to play with those Canadian legends. We’re also playing with some awesome local talent across Canada.

AAM: What was your favorite show that you have played so far?

Kyle: The Korn gig in Dawson Creek, B.C. It was a huge show!

AAM: Where can the Titans Eve fans find out about tickets, show dates for this Canadian tour?

Kyle: They can find everything they need at www.titanseve.com

AAM: Do you think it is harder to make it in the US than in Canada as Metal band? If so, why do you think that is?

Kyle: Its much harder in Canada. The U.S. has much more Cities and people. Also shorter driving times between gigs. It’s a big struggle for everyone, but it’s harder here.

AAM: I hear a little bit of Testament in your sound, where does Titans Eve’s influences come from?

Kyle: The big 4 of thrash, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and classical music. Also any musician that’s real and puts his heart into it.

AAM: I remember with your first album” The Divine Equal”, you did a “pay what you want” type of deal, who came up with this concept?

Kyle: It was an idea thrown at us from our publicist Jon Asher of Asher Media.

AAM: How did it work out for you guys?

Kyle: We found that people appreciate a product more if you put some value behind it. The majority of our pay what you want was around 0.0005. A good song is worth a dollar.

AAM: Pending release of this album could we see the same thing with “Life Apocalypse”?

Kyle: No, all songs are a dollar. The album in full is $8.

AAM: Where can people find your music and bands web page?

Kyle: www.titanseve.com

RadChad: Just one more question before will close the book on this awesome interview. Is there any thing you’d like to talk about before we go?

Kyle: We look forward to everyone checking out our latest release and kicking some ass across Canada this summer! See you at the gig!

AAM: Thank you so much for your time Kyle. I’m looking forward to cranking TITANS EVE ” Life Apocalypse” And waking up my neighbors.

Kyle: Ha. Thank you RadChad!

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