Terry Ilous new singer of Great White

He talks about his new chapter with Great White, XYZ Fatherhood, Humanitarian work, and Martial Arts.

Terry Ilous

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I first met Terry during 1990 through a friend who I was working with at a music artist management company. We left there and he ended up as their tour manager for their first US tour.  When XYZ came to Hollywood, CA for their show at the Palace, it was being recorded for a live album and air on national radio. I took photos of the show, unfortunately never seen by the band or others until last year I post them and contacted Terry and met at his benefit. Now is my first interview with him.

All Access Magazine (AAM) Craig Newman  How did you get chosen to be the new singer of Great White?

Terry Ilous (T)- I have known Michael Lardie for 20 years. He worked and engineered part of the first XYZ album.  Great White and XYZ have the same agent and when Jack got ill I got asked if I would fill in until Jack got well. And that’s what happened.

AAM-How is the band members feeling that the new album is US Top Hard Rock Albums #42 and #93 on Independent Album Chart on the charts since 1991 on Billboard album chart?

 T-We are very happy about it. Is a great start! I want to thank the fans, GW family and fans to be open minded. It is hard to replace Jack, who is a great singer. We have a lot hard of work ahead of us and reaching bigger goals. I’m most excited for my team.

AAM- Currently being the singer of GW you still able to sing and write for your band XYZ?

 T-I will always be able to write for XYZ or anybody for that matter.  Right now I am focused writing for GW and with radio and press interviews. I can’t spread myself thin. Only 24 hours in a day.  I am a dad and my daughter and I are into martial arts. Also I have to live my life as well (laughing).

AAM-GW and XYZ was at Monsters of cruise 2012 festival.  Also GW and XYZ on MOR cruise 2012How was it last year?

T-It was amazing! The ship holds 4,500 people and to talk everybody and take pictures everyday on the deck. It was casual and friendly. Things have changed now days for fans to meet their favorite singer or actor cause of the internet. It is a good a thing to make it easier to approach you like such as your favorite rock star.

AAM- Any new info on your humanitarian work you involved with?

Terry IlousT-I am always looking to help more. Helping other people helps me and feels good. Helps me out, makes me feel whole inside. Very satisfy to know I help a needy person, homeless and kids. I am always open to any charity event, any kind of donation. I know what is like to have no money and to be homeless. I have been up and down in my career where I had a lot of money and then have nothing. Helping others is a big, big thing to me! I believe in giving is receiving and I go by that

AAM-Any benefit shows planned?

 T-Not at the moment but if you need me I will be there.  I will be doing some things this winter at Boston and Rhode Island to help kids. It’s Foundation called Rock for Christmas founded by a friend Wayne Morrison, every year to help raise money for toys.

AAM-What is good about that show last year at the Hard Rock café, Hollywood, CA is to meet those artist we were fans of and are influence by when were younger and to meet them, take photos with them, in relax or informal setting without the waiting backstage and at tour buses, and being on guest list at venues and other media locations.

 T- Most artist I know since 1989 are approachable such as Rudy Sarzo, all of us in Great White, Jeff Paris, Robin Mac Auley, member of RATT, and Don Dokken are willing to help when I need help. And most will help and those that won’t God bless them and I won’t mention their names.

AAM-My last question is regarding is the songs on Great White set list include earlier song from the 80’s? Like Street Killer, Stick It, On Your Knees, and Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song and Rock and Roll?

Terry IlousTerry IlousTerry IlousT- It’s best that Jack sings those Zeppelin songs than I. I never studied Zeppelin like he did and dose a wonderful job doing them.  As far early songs, yes we do for that generation and have not forgotten that generation and we have cover the catalog and hits. And we’ll put in obscure songs the band likes and fan requests.  We don’t just focus on the hits and have to please the fans and for us can be boring. So we have to mix up. It’s important to give the fans a good show or the best show you can. They pay the money to see the show. I take care of myself by exercising, running and martial arts and no drugs or alcohol to make us the band to be good as possible.

AAM- It was good to talk to you again my friend. Thank for your time.

 T- Your welcome For more information: