Six Degrees of The Sixes

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The Sixes

Review by Stina Marie Harris

A solid sound slips between lyrics of infectious intensity on The Sixes, the follow up album to Across State Lines by Dead Fish Handshake scheduled for release on June 6th. Surrounded by an expert team of skilled professionals with similar synergy to the New Jersey and Rhode Island natives manifested a mature and graduated musical sound with a new direction on this promising second CD. Add Clint Lowery from Sevendust and Hello Demons Meet Skeletons as a well-known powerhouse producer and Architekt Music, a world class recording studio in Butler, NJ to create a product that is truly a tribute to six degrees of separation destined back together to develop something so layered and complex it reinvents itself upon each listen and leaves the entire room full of intoxicating satisfaction.

The Sixes

On the heels of a successful Across State Lines tour, recording The Sixes seemed like the forward progression and natural evolution the band needed to take to advance its sound. It’s a record that satisfies completely with a quality sound of reminiscent grunge rock and a feeling full of heart and bleeding ambition from the first note to the last. The Sixes offers a musical journey dotted with big and bold ballads like “Leave the Light On”, full of passion yet insulated with masculinity. “E-motionless” explodes with melodic crispness attacked by genuine authentic rock riffs that get wrapped around your thoughts and tangled in your soul. The lead singers deep baritone vocal seduces the tempting guitar and the creation is the perfect arrangement of dreamy story telling on each track that erupts into a textured sound teased with words so tangible you swear you can grab onto them and suffocate the pain while trying to hold onto the slippery words of comfort and compassion.

Be sure to check out Dead Fish Handshake as they head back out on tour to promote The Sixes. Visit to see when they will be by your town. This four man strong fireball ignites on stage and offers each song to the crowd with as much soul and intensity as the day of its conception. Distinctively alternative, Dead Fish Handshake is unlike any other sound and appeals to all the senses, respectively. Their hard work and dedication to their craft underscores the attention and care used to carefully sculpt each song; from production to performance. The result of professional partnership and experienced musicianship is The Sixes, a breath of fresh air in a world full of smog and a firm grasp in a world full of dead fish handshakes.