Search for the Hidden Gem (2012 – vol# 7)

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Raygun Rebels

“Bring Me Home”
Style (Rock)

Right off the bat I really love the band name.  But a killer band name only goes so far without killer songs to back it up.  Sadly this bands brand of soft sleezy rock is missing just a few key ingredients like: attitude, style, personality, hooks, riffs, and most importantly songs to get excited about.  What I hear in Raygun Rebels is four lads peeking over the edge but maintaining a safe distance.  OK, not every musician needs to dance with the dragon, drink a bottle of Jack for breakfast, board a plane with the band name written out in blow, and wake-up with smeared guyliner.  Oh, those were the days!!  But I’m just not hearing the “sound” I think I should be hearing.  The one thing I know about ray guns is that they’re made of plastic and played with by Star Trek geeks at Comic Con.

Rating 1 ½ (only cause I dig the band name that much)

Jamey Levek

“Like a Tornado”
Style (Singer Songwriter / Pop)

I put this CD on in the office during a stressfully busy day and though I’m not going to run out and sing Levek’s musical praises, I kept the CD playing over and over in the background as everything transpired throughout the day, and never once did I find it boring or annoying.  Levek’s songs are nicely crafted having a comfortable feel to them.  And were useful for balancing out a stressful day.  In my book it’s something special for an artist I would categorize as a singer songwriter with pop/rock influence having the creative ability to write songs that tame the savage beast (damn those clients).

Rating 2 ½


“The Kids Deserve Cable”
Style (Rock / Indie)

None of these songs resonate with me.  It’s not very important but I found it funny that the bio said something about the bands harmonies and strings earning them their ELO merit badge and all I can say is who would want an ELO merit badge in 2012?  What’s next, an Aerosmith or REO Speedwagon merit band?  I’ve never been to Rocklahoma but sound like something sold in the merch tent.  With Former I’m hearing a contemporary indie rock band without song writing identity who settled for being another guppy in a huge pond.  Maybe this stuff works with the college crowds on .50cent beer night but where else I don’t know.

Rating 1 ½ (what’s up with that CD title?)