Miss June – Leah Phoenix Patrick

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Leah Phoenix PatrickLeah Phoenix Patrick is an up & coming model. She fills her off-time running, swimming, drawing, reading and co-hosting a comedy podcast (see her facebook page for links to be posted soon).  She is mostly interested in astronomy, new technological advancements, mixed martial arts, music, edgy multi-media art, as well as unusual photography. Leah loves classic rock, metal, soul, jazz, blues, hip-hop, ambient, techno and more.  She feels there shouldn’t be a limit to a person’s musical taste. “The more we expose our minds to: the more we progress in our ability to appreciate music. I never would have expected to like country until it snuck up on me through the radio one day on a long drive with my sister. Instead of quickly turning it off (as I normally would) she said let’s hear what this guy’s story is. I don’t like most country but I don’t ever just cut it off anymore. Every genre has it’s Greats. There’s so much talent to be discovered.” Leah Phoenix can be found via facebook.com/leahphoenixpatrick