Corroded-“Eleven Shades Of Black”

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CorrodedI had all but given up hope on modern day metal, that was until recently when i discovered the energetic, and mighty Corroded, this 5 piece band hail from Ånge Sweden and consist of Jens Westin: Vocals, Guitar, Tommy Rehn Guitar,Backing vocals, Peter Sjödin: Guitar, Bjarne Elvsgård: Bass and Per Soläng:Drums have only been on the circuit since 2004 but show a level of maturity which surpasses anything that you would dream possible, their opening album.

“Eleven shades of black” contained the mighty “time and again”, showed a lot of potential which had me wondering if this was a one off accomplishment that was until i heard the influential masterpiece 2nd album titled “Exit to transfer” which oozes class from the opening song till the final note on the album my personal favourite “Age of rage” had me begging for more, this followed up by supporting Avenged Sevenfold in the fall of 2010 i for one am eagerly awaiting their 3rd album and hopefu lly a UK tour so as i can sample the greatness in person, every generation has a band with the potential to gain a level of success that would grant them legendary status and on experiencing Corroded i have found it.