A Progressive Rock trio out of Sylmar, CA signs Record deal with J-Bird Music.

Transport formed in 2006 when front man/guitarist Omar Cabrera met bassist Ashley Davidson through a “bassist wanted” ad. Fueled by a mutual interest in musical taste they began recording original material in Omar’s home studio. The band was complete when drummer David Gillooly joined them in 2010.

Incubus, Tool and Cream and blends of classic rock with ethereal melodies inspire Transport’s music.

Guitarist Omar Cabrera commented: “Transport has signed a two-album deal with J-Bird Music: Transport III and Transport IV. The band will enjoy global distribution on ITunes and on Amazon’s MP3 site and airplay on Absolutely All J-Bird Music on iTunes radio.

Jay Barbieri, President and CEO of J-Bird Music say: “The coolest thing besides the bands music was the way they were discovered. Ashley Davidson is a schoolteacher who works at my son’s nursery school. I had no idea she was in a band until other parents told me. This is exactly the way J-Bird is designed to function as a record label, expose great new artists to the global community who would normally never have the chance to get their music heard based on the current climate of the traditional music industry.”

You can catch these guys……

About J-Bird Music:

J-Bird Music is a record label that signs ALL bands and artists to a single or multiple song recording deal without exercising any musical bias.

The J-Bird philosophy has remained true since its inception in 1996; shatter self-imposed beliefs and restraints, perpetuated by the record companies upon the music buying public, that only a limited number of artists, musical styles and genres of music are worthy of attention.