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In my mature age of 38, I seem to have developed a certain flare for stumbling across magnificent bands. Back in February I couldn’t help but submit a review for Brandon Saller and his new band, ‘ Hell or Highwater ‘. After giving us a great southern rock debut album with ‘ Begin Again ‘, they are becoming extremely popular in the states and rightly so!

Due to them having a single on the Swedish compilation album, ‘ Bandit Rock ‘, I purchased it and this is where I discovered for myself yet another amazing band! With their track entitled ‘ Temple of the Red-Eyed Pigs ‘,I was introduced to the world of ‘ SPARZANZA ‘. Sparzanza first formed way back in 1996 and have five albums under their belts! Even so, these guys have managed to exist beneath the radar and have never been recognized in the UK where I reside! The band consists of five members; we have Anders Aberg on the drums, along with Johan Carlsson on the bass. We then have Calle Johannesson and Magnus Eronen on guitar with frontman, Fredrik Weileby on vocals.

The first of five albums came with ‘ Angels of Vengeance ‘ way back in 2001. ‘ Into the Sewers ‘ was released in 2003. Four years later came the 2007 album, ‘ Banisher of the Light ‘. Following on from that we had ‘ In Voodoo Veritas ‘ which hit the Swedish market in 2009 and most recently in 2011 we had, what I personally consider as their best yet, ‘ Folie a Cinq ‘


‘ Folie a cinq ‘ is an absolute masterpiece of an album. First off the launch pad we have a bomb blaster of a track, which came later with a video to accompany it, ‘ Temple of the Red-Eyed Pigs ‘, a firm favorite with their fans. Following that we have two rip-roaring tracks with ‘ Alone with a Loaded Gun ‘ and ‘ Mr. Fish ‘. As the album hits track four we are shown the bared naked souls of Sparzanza with what I almost consider balladesque. ‘Follow Me ‘ is a heart grabber of a song that begs you to listen! This has also been given a video release and proven to be very popular with its family of fans.

The album contains eleven fist pumping tracks overall, I find every one of them to be amazing, the band put so much effort into everything they do, they put a lot of regular bands to shame and vocally, it is spot on every time!

Sparzanza are backed by the legendary metal label ‘ Spinefarm Records ‘ and rightly so! These guys deserve to be looked after. My intentions are to help launch them in the UK, where I feel they will be a killer hit with the media and listeners alike.

There is another album on the horizon, but for now, I recommend every single one of you to go grab yourselves these guys’ albums. Go on, treat yourselves.

Sit back, kick your shoes off. Welcome to the family of Sparzanza! :