Richie Onori And Blues Messenger Rock Paladino’s

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Richie Onori And Blues Messenger

Written By RadChad Photos by NickyMae

Richie Onori (second from left) recently debuted his new music project Blues Messenger at Paladino’s in the San Fernando Valley

Most people that have seen Richie Onori know him for being a talented drummer for the band SWEET (“Ballroom Blitz,” “Fox on The Run”). Before that he has played with the likes of Slash, Richie Sambora and The Metal King “RIP,” Ronnie James Dio. But tonight I found myself at a familiar spot, “Paladino’s” in SoCal’s San Fernando Valley for a with the Onori’s brand-new music project, Blues Messenger. On this night his smooth backing band helped introduce his many fans in attendance to his new CD, entitled “The Days Of The Innocence” that he wrote, produced and played on.

Richie Onori And Blues Messenger

Members of Richie Onori’s Blues Messenger (left to right) include bassist Marvin Sperling, drummer Tripp Beam, and guitarist Phil Woodward.

When it was time, Onori came out with high energy and a backing band of eight solid musicians to get this blues train started. Richie’s backing band included Jon Greathouse on keyboard, Tripp Beam on drums, Phil Woodward on guitar, Marvin Sperling on bass, Sam Morgan on sax, Alicia McCracken Morgan on keyboard and backup vocals, plus Aina Okane and Francesca Capasso (Capasso and Morgan both from popular blues act The Scorch Sisters) singing backup vocals. But what really caught my eye was seeing Richie playing guitar the entire gig. I was indeed a kid in a candy shop-watching Onori shred on the guitar like he does when on the drums.

Richie Onori And Blues Messenger

Richie started the set off with some “Space Boogie Woogie,” “Party Queen (Little Girl)” and finished it off with my favorites “It’s Raining In Hollywood,” “Running Down The Devil’s Road” and “The Devil’s Only In Your Mind.”

I think Richie should be playing in a bigger venue such as the House of Blues that is geared more to his style of music.  Onori’s music has a rockabilly/ blues sound with a little country added to make it a sound all onto his own.

To say he lives a full and exciting life would be an understatement. While Richie is an accomplished drummer, guitarist, singer and songwriter, he is also a business entrepreneur with a successful line of Onori Guitar Straps and is also the U.S. distributor for Albion Amplifiers.

Richie Onori rockin’ the blues.

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